SKM 2006

The Second Secure Knowledge Management Workshop 2006

September 28-29, 2006
Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY



Michael A. Caloyannides - Mitretek
Lawrence Gordon - University of Maryland
Le Gruenwald - NSF
Charles C. Palmer - IBM
Salvatore J. Stolfo - Columbia University


Knowledge  management is the methodology  for  systematically
gathering,   organizing,  and  disseminating  knowledge.   It
essentially  consists of processes and tools  to  effectively
capture  and share knowledge as well as use the knowledge  of
individuals  within  an  organization.  Knowledge  Management
Systems (KMS) promote sharing information among employees and
require  security  mechanisms to prevent unauthorized  access
and  misuse. Security is a major issue revolving around  KMS.
The  Secure  Knowledge  Management  Workshop  aims  to  raise
awareness  of  academics and practitioners in  this  critical
area  of  research  by  presenting papers  containing  ideas,
directions,  and  questions that need to be  tackled  by  the
research community, as well as traditional scientific  papers
presenting results.

Topics of interest include, and are not limited to:

* Developing access controls and policies for knowledge
* Statistical data mining techniques under security and
  privacy constraints
* Methods for measuring security effectiveness
* Design techniques for secure knowledge systems
* Integration for data management, information management and
  knowledge management
* Inference control policies for sensitive knowledge
* Secure knowledge query manipulation languages
* Security and privacy assertion markup languages
* B2B circles of trust
* Return on investment in secure knowledge systems
* Digital policy management
* Secure content management
* Knowledge management for national security
* Security and privacy in knowledge management
* Network security in the context of knowledge management
* Economic issues in securing knowledge
* Trust management
* Human factors in knowledge management
* Security, privacy and economic issues in information sharing
* Intersection of knowledge and security policy management


All  of  the  submissions  are to be sent  electronically  to Authors are required to send an
extended summary not exceeding 2 pages, including five to ten
keywords,  and  contact  address, by June 30. Any
figures, tables and bibliography must be contained within the
2  pages. The accepted final  papers  should  be formatted in
two-columns, preferably in  IEEE  Transactions format,  not
exceeding 6 pages, and are due  by  August  15, 2006.


A best paper will be selected by the program committee.


All the papers will be compiled on a CD-ROM. Selected papers
will be recommended for submission to a special section in an
IEEE, ACM or Springer journal.

The publication in the electronic CD-ROM proceedings will
not prevent the authors from submitting their work elsewhere.


    Submission of Summary: June 30, 2006
    Author Notification: July 25, 2006
    Final Papers Due: August 15, 2006
    Workshop: September 28 and 29, 2006


Steering Committee
Bhavani Thuraisingham - University of Texas, Dallas
Kevin Kwiat - Air Force Research Lab
Raghav Rao - SUNY at Buffalo
Shambhu Upadhyaya - SUNY at Buffalo

General Chair
Bill Yurcik - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Program Chair
Nasir Memon - Polytechnic University

Publicity Chair
Radu Sion - SUNY Stony Brook

Local Arrangements Chair
Ahmet Eskicioglu - CUNY Brooklyn College

Finance Chair
Bill Hery - Polytechnic University

Program Committee
Cristina L. Abad - Escuela Superior Politicnica del Litoral (ESPOL)
Mustaque Ahamad - Georgia Tech
Vijay Atluri - Rutgers University
Matt Bishop - UC Davis
Steve Chapin - Syracuse University
Pravin Dipak - Xerox
Nikita Borisov - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Peter Chen - Louisiana State University
Hsinchun Chen - University of Arizona
Thomas E Daniels - Iowa State University
Jim Davis - Iowa State University
Gurpreet Dhillon - Virginia Commonwealth University
Ron Dodge - United States Military Academy
Lawrence Gordon - University of Maryland
Jiawei Han - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Anupam Joshi - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Kamesh Namuduri - Wichita State University
Chester Maciag - AFRL Rome
John McDermott - Office of Naval Research
Adam Slagell - NCSA and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Lawrence O'Gorman - Avaya
Jinkyu Lee - SUNY at Buffalo
Robert McGraw - NSA
Brajendra Panda - University of Arkansas
Indrajit Ray - Colorado State University
Arnon Rosenthal - MITRE Corporation
Raghu Santanam - Arizona State University
Revankar Shriram V - Xerox
R. Sekar - SUNY Stony Brook
Benjamin Shao - Arizona State University
Raj Sharma - SUNY at Buffalo
Steve Tate - University of North Texas
Rao Vemuri - UC Davis
Jun Wang - NCSA and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Marianne Winslett - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Xiaoxin Yin - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign