Call for Papers: 
Special Issue of Security and Communication Networks
Perspective of 5G Security and Trust

With the great success of 2G/3G mobile networks and the fast development of
4G, the phase of 5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless
systems (in short 5G) is coming. 5G, aiming to offer a big data bandwidth
and infinite capability of networking, will bring brilliant user
experiences on mobile communications and multimedia sharing.

Beyond 4G, the major difference of 5G is much more than increased maximum
throughput <>. Considering
the current technical advance including massive dense networks,
interference and mobility management, Internet of Things (IoT), pervasive
and social computing, mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), cognitive radio,
cloud computing and so on, what will the 5G look at? What is the
perspective of 5G security and trust? Some experts commented that 5G will
definitely apply and benefit from the above technologies. However,
integrating existing advanced technologies and innovating new techniques
for 5G could introduce tremendous challenges on security and trust.

This special issue aims at providing a forum to discuss the perspective of
5G security and trust, explore 5G security strategies and investigate
technologies for securing 5G and managing 5G trust. Topics of interest of
this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  .         5G security and trust requirements
  .         Security architecture of 5G
  .         Trust management framework for 5G
  .         5G communication and networking security
  .         Privacy preservation and enhancement in 5G
  .         Intrusion detection and content access control in 5G
  .         Trust management in heterogeneous 5G networks
  .         5G identity management and its trustworthiness
  .         Intelligent 5G security provision
  .         Trust collaboration in 5G
  .         User trust in 5G
  .         IoT security and trust in 5G
  .         (Mobile) cloud computing trust management in 5G


Concerning the preparation of manuscripts, please refer to the "Author
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Manuscripts must be submitted through the online submission system: by selecting the corresponding track.
When submitting papers, authors should identify "Manuscript Type" as
"Special Issue", and enter "Running Head" and "Special Issue Title" as
"SCN-SI-75" and "5G Security and Trust," respectively. Contributing authors
might also be asked to review some of the papers submitted to this special
issue. All papers will be rigorously reviewed based on quality: original,
high scientific quality, well organized and clearly written, sufficient
support for assertions and conclusions, appropriate title, abstract
includes important points of the paper, satisfactory presentation in
English, pertinent references, clear tables, and figures.

*Time Schedule*

Manuscript Due: October 30th, 2014
First Round Notification: December 30th, 2014
First Revision Due: January 31st, 2015
Acceptance Notification: March 15th, 2015
Final Manuscript Due: April 1st, 2015
Publication Date: 2015 (TBA)

*Guest Editors*

Zheng Yan
Xidian University, China

Robert H. Deng
Singapore Management University, Singapore

Athanasios V. Vasilakos,
University of Western Macedonia, Greece