Title: Special Issue of Elsevier Journal, Internet of Things
on Machine Learning for Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT
Webpage: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/internet-of-things/call-for-papers/machine-learning-for-security-privacy-and-trust-in-iot

Guest Editors: Abhishek Parakh and Parvathi Chundi, 
               University of Nebraska at Omaha

Aim and Scope: This special issue aims to promote discussions of
research and relevant activities in the models and design of secure,
privacy-preserving, or trust architectures, data analyses and fusion
platforms, protocols, algorithms, services, and applications for next
generation IoT systems. We especially encourage security and privacy
solutions that employ innovative machine learning techniques to tackle
the issues of data volume and variety problems that are systemic in
IoT platform.


  *   Machine learning based security, privacy, and trust issues in IoT
  *   Security and privacy frameworks for IoT at home
  *   Threat and attack model generation based on machine learning for IoT
  *   Machine learning based intrusion and malware detection for IoT
  *   System and data integrity
  *   End-to-end system security models for IoT
  *   Cryptographic approaches for security and privacy in IoT
  *   Architectures and protocols for scalable, secure, robust and
      privacy enhancing IoT
  *   Deep Learning for IoT
  *   Machine learning for deep packet inspection for IoT
  *   Machine learning to analyze cryptographic protocols for IoT

  *   Novel machine learning and data science methods for IoT security
  *   Data mining and statistical modeling for the secure IoT
  *   Adversarial machine learning for IoT
  *   Data based metrics and risk assessment approaches for IoT
  *   Machine learning based authentication and access control in IoT
  *   Fog security issues

Important Dates
Manuscript submission due: April 15th, 2019
1st Review Notification to authors due: July 15th, 2019
Revised Manuscript due: Sep 15th, 2019
2nd Review Notification to authors due: Dec 15th, 2019
Final notification due: Jan 15th, 2019

Notes for Prospective Authors
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