SUBMISSION DATE: April 29, 2009

Wireless technologies have had a significant impact on computing
and communication technologies in the past decade, and we are thus
now progressing to the new "anytime-anywhere" service model of the
mobile Internet. Unfortunately, the affordability and availability of
wireless technologies that makes them so attractive, also makes them
an enticing target for security threats. As new wireless technologies
continue to emerge, many of which will be highly flexible and
programmable, it will be easier than ever before for adversaries
to acquire the equipment and the means to launch new security or
privacy attacks. The challenge facing the security community is to
achieve security in spite of the fact that in a wireless network
as an open "broadcast" network, security associations must be
made even when no trust relationships existed previously.

The purpose of this special issue is to facilitate the exchange of
cutting-edge research in security for new wireless systems (e.g.,
cognitive radios, RFID, industrial control systems, and vehicular
networks), as well as the privacy issues associated with these
emerging technologies. Since new communication systems are being
developed across multiple communities, ranging from academic
to government to industry, from application development to the
development of fundamental networking and hardware technologies, this
journal issue is intended to provide a forum for cross-pollination
of ideas that will advance the awareness of wireless security issues
and ultimately lead to more secure system designs. We solicit papers
covering topics that include, but are not limited to:

o Vulnerability and attack modeling
o Secure neighbor discovery and localization
o Trust establishment and maintenance
o Intrusion detection and prevention
o Denial of service
o User privacy, location privacy, and anonymity
o Incentive-aware secure protocol design
o Jamming/anti-jamming communication
o Cross-layer design for security
o Cryptographic primitives for wireless communication
o Key management in wireless/mobile environments
o Mobile platform and systems security

Continuing JCN's tradition of fast turnaround together with full
peer reviews, a tentative schedule is set as follows:

April 29, 2009 Electronic manuscript submission to JCN website.
July 31, 2009 Reviews returned to authors.
October 15, 2009 Final revised manuscript due
December 15, 2009 Special issue published

Prof. Adrian Perrig, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, adrian@ece.cmu.edu
Prof. Wade Trappe, Rutgers University, USA, trappe@winlab.rutgers.edu
Prof. Virgil Gligor, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, virgil@ece.cmu.edu
Prof. Radha Poovendran, University of Washington, USA, rp3@u.washington.edu
Prof. Heejo Lee, Korea University, Korea, heejo@korea.ac.kr

Electronic submissions will be made to JCN website. Information
about submissions is available on the JCN web site,
http://jcn.or.kr. Please direct inquiries and intent to submit
notifications to any one of the Guest Editors.

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