Call for Papers
             IEEE Network Magazine
                Special Issue on 

  Recent Developments in Network Intrusion Detection

Important dates:
Submissions deadline: August 1, 2008
Author notifications: October 10, 2008
Final manuscripts due: November 15, 2008
Publication date: first quarter 2009

Call for papers:

Internet-connected computers are constantly exposed to a variety of
possible attacks through exploits, social engineering, password
cracking, and malicious software. Networks allow intruders to reach a
large number of potential targets quickly and remotely with relatively
low risk of traceability. Public attention on cyber attacks has grown
with post-9/11 concerns over vulnerabilities of critical
infrastructures and new regulations increasing accountability of
organizations for loss of private data. Concerns have also been
heightened by the prevalence of hidden spyware and bots among PC

Existing network-based intrusion detection methods depend on
monitoring traffic and detecting evidence of attacks through known
signatures or anomalous traffic behavior. However, intruders are
continually changing their techniques to try new attack vectors and
new ways to evade defenses. Network intrusion detection is challenged
to adapt with new capabilities to recognize and respond to current
attack methods.

The goal of this special issue of IEEE Network is to share new
research developments in network intrusion detection. Papers should
add to current understanding of new attack vectors, advances in
packet collection and analysis, and state-of-the-art techniques for
recognizing, tracing, and responding to attacks. Papers should
contain substantial tutorial content and be understandable to a broad
general audience, not only security experts. Topics of interest
 . novel attacks and exploits
 . novel methods for traffic data collection and anomaly detection
 . network forensic techniques and best practices
 . intrusion prevention systems
 . deep packet inspection and classification at very high speeds/throughputs
 . event correlation
 . attack traceback and router support
 . automatic signature  generation
 . detection of low intensity stealthy intrusions

Manuscript Submissions:
Prospective contributors should refer to the IEEE Network
 author guidelines at
 http://www.comsoc.org/pubs/net/ntwrk/authors.html for information
 about content and formatting of submissions. 

Submitted papers must be
original work and must not be under consideration for publication in
other venues. Authors should submit a PDF version of their complete
papers via e-mail to the guest editors. 

Guest Editors:
Thomas  M. Chen  Swansea University, Wales UK
     Email: t.m.chen@swansea.ac.uk 
Judy Fu          Motorola Labs, USA, 
     Email: judy.fu@motorola.com
Liwen He         BT Group, Chief Technology Office, UK 
     Email: liwen.he@bt.com 
Tim Strayer      BBN Technologies, USA
     Email: strayer@bbn.com

Call for papers: