SI of IEEE-IoTJ 2018 Secure Embedded IoT Devices for Resilient
                     Critical Infrastructures
Submissions due 1 October 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the door to new technological
opportunities for a wide range of applications that cover e-health,
smart homes and automation, e-commerce, location-based services, smart
vehicles, fleet management and remote system monitoring. However, at
the same time as these technological opportunities grow so does the
threat surface for potential adversaries targeting at various,
interconnected ICT systems and consequently at ICT-dependent critical
systems, such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
Systems) systems. At this point, attackers could take advantage from
the incorporation of the paradigm to exploit new security gaps,
probably caused by unforeseen interoperability and adaptability

Indeed, the deployment of Internet-enabled embedded devices that are
distributed over major critical domains, may create indirect and
non-obvious inter-connections with the underlying Critical
Infrastructures (CIs). Examples of such inter-connected systems may
include traffic monitoring and control systems communicating with
smart vehicles, energy related systems communicating with smart homes
and smart meters, monitoring systems connected with autonomous sensors
in nuclear plants, power grids and body area networks. There is a need
to further explore the security issues related to IoT technologies to
assure the resilience of CIs against advanced IoT-based attacks. The
goal of this special issue is therefore to address the diverse
security challenges and related to IoT-enabled CIs (IoT-CIs) and their
resilience to advanced threats.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Security analysis and requirements in the coupling of IoT-CIs
- Vulnerabilities, threat models and risk management in IoT-CIs
- Reference architectures for the secure coupling of IoT in CI scenarios
- Embedded security for mobile devices and BYOD
- Network-layer attacks and defense mechanisms between IoT devices and CIs
- Key management and access control in IoT-CIs
- Resilience models for advanced threats in IoT-CIs
- Advanced and lightweight awareness models for large IoT-CIs
- Privacy and location privacy for IoT-CIs 

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