Attentions: the submission deadline for IE Communications Magazine SI
on Cyb Security for Smart Grid Communications has been extended to
January 16, 2012 from December 1, 2011.

Call For Papers

IEEE Communications Magazine

Feature Topic on Cyber Security for Smart Grid Communications

Smart grid is a term referring to the next generation power grid in
which the electricity distribution and management is upgraded by
incorporating advanced two-way digital technology and communication
capabilities for improved control, efficiency, reliability and
safety. A communication infrastructure is an essential part to the
success of the emerging smart grid. A scalable and pervasive
communication infrastructure is crucial in both construction and
operation of a smart grid.

To ensure the correct functioning of a smart grid, it is essential
that communications are secured, devices are protected from physical
attack, and privacy is respected. Communications require
authentication and confidentiality, devices require protection from
physical attacks, and the system as a whole must be
robust. Authorization will be vital to support secure remote
configuration and multi-homing scenarios. The privacy of smart grid
customers needs to be protected.

Most of the framework for smart grid have already been defined by the
industry, academia and governments, nevertheless there are still many
important issues in cyber security for smart grid communications,
which need to be resolved before smart grid can be operationally ready
for the market. We plan this feature topic to help address that need,
and would like the feature topic to focus on the most recent advances
in cyber security for smart grid communications.

The papers in this feature topic will focus on research and
experiments in various aspects of cyber security for smart grid
communications. We solicit papers covering various topics of interest
that include, but not limited to the following:

 *   Secure provisioning and management for smart grid environments
 *   Physical security and protections against tampering for smart grid
 *   Device level security for smart grid environments
 *   System level security and survivability for smart grid environments
 *   Authorization and access control for smart grid environments
 *   Cryptographic mechanisms suitable for smart grid environments
 *   Secure key management for smart grid environments
 *   Communication security in smart grid
 *   Network level security and availability in smart grid
 *   Wireless security in smart grid
 *   Consumer privacy protection in smart grid
 *   Privacy of user data for Advanced Metering Infrastructure
 *   Security standards for smart grid

Manuscript Submission
The papers should be tutorial in nature and written in a style
comprehensible to readers outside the specialty of the
article. References should be limited to 10, figures and tables to a
combined total of 6 (mathematical equations should be avoided). Paper
length should not exceed 4,500 words. Complete guidelines can be found
at All articles
must be submitted through the IEEE Manuscript Central at, selecting August
2012/Cyber Security Smart Grid as the topic.

Submission Schedule

Manuscript Submission: January 16, 2012
Notification of acceptance: April 1, 2012
Final Manuscript Due: May 15, 2012
Publication: August 2012

Guest Editors

Rose Qingyang Hu
Utah State University , USA

Yi Qian
University of Nebraska-Lincoln , USA

Hsiao-Hwa Chen
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Hussein T. Mouftah
University of Ottawa, Canada