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Electronics - IF 1.764 - Q2
Security and Privacy for IoT and Multimedia Services

In recent years, the rapid increase in the number of users connected
to the Internet and the increase in the number of Internet-connected
entities, such as DCE, DTE, smart appliance, and various “things”,
have contributed to the rapid improvement in the style and quality of
services over the Internet. Conversely, various service demands of
users and quality of service demands are expanding the IoT world.

These days, IoT services are changing the way we live. The stage
whereby IoT products and services were introduced by some early
adopters at home or in the office are now over. Now IPTV companies,
ISPs, and mobile carriers with a large number of subscribers have
launched various IoT products and provide a variety of user services,
including AI-enabled multimedia services. Within a few years, most of
OECD countries may enter the stage where IoT services have become
mandatory and universally available to their people.

The main aim of this Special Issue is to seek papers taking an
academic perspective on security for IoT and its multimedia
services. Security vulnerabilities and threats may be obstacles to the
popularization and universalization of these technologically advanced
IoT and multimedia services. We hope that your submitted articles will
raise and respond to new security issues, or represent ongoing
research to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of existing
security issues in IoT environments. We also welcome academic
manuscripts covering security and privacy policies related to IoT and
multimedia services.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

    Security architectures and platforms for IoT and multimedia services;
    Cryptographic protocols and cipher for the security in IoT and
      multimedia services;
    Malicious transactions detection in IoT and multimedia services;
    Redundancy and virtualization for IoT and multimedia services;
    Security and privacy for AI-enabled in-vehicle IoT services;
    Security and privacy Issues in smart homes;
    Security and privacy Issues in smart buildings;
    Security and privacy Issues in smart meters and microgrid services;
    IoT device and service issues in EU-GDPR;
    IoT device and service issues in APEC-CBPR;
    IoT service-related security issues between countries and/or
       international bodies.

Submission Guidelines

Important Dates
Paper Submission Due: December 30, 2020

Guest Editors

Sang-Soo Yeo, Mokwon University, Korea
Damien Sauveron, XLIM (UMR CNRS 7252), University of Limoges, France

Damien Sauveron