yCFP: Specification and Automated Processing of Security Requirements, 2004

                 Call for Papers
 Workshop on Specification and Automated Processing
            of Security Requirements
    Linz, Austria, September 20-25, 2004
  part of the 19th IEEE International Conference on
         Automated Software Engineering


Security and reliability issues are rarely considered at
the initial stages of software development. In fact,
security technology is still erroneously considered as
supplementary, and security engineering techniques are not
integrated within software engineering processes. This has 
very negative consequences in the security of the software
systems being deployed.

 Security engineering techniques are often based on formal
methods that increase the level of confidence in the
design and implementation of security-critical systems. 
However, formal techniques are highly theoretic and are
not tightly related with the software being deployed. On the 
other hand, software engineering tools lack precise
semantics and support for security-related requirements and 
properties. Furthermore, development of secure
systems is a very difficult task because security measures 
can fail due to errors in design or implementation.
Therefore, automated tools are essential for the analysis 
and deployment of secure systems. 

  The objective of this workshop is to foster exchange of
ideas among practitioners, researchers and industry involved
in the deployment of secure systems. Special emphasis will
be devoted to promote discussion and interaction between
researchers and practitioners focused on both areas
specification and processing of security aspects in software

 The exchange of concepts, prototypes, research ideas, and
other results which contribute to the academic arena and
also benefit business and industrial communities, is of 
particular interest. 

 Original papers are solicited for submission to the
workshop related (but not limited) to the following topics
of interest:

- Security requirements specification and analysis
- Formal semantics for security requirements
- Integration of Security engineering into software
  engineering processes
- Automated tools supporting integrated security
  engineering and software engineering processes
- Security in programming languages
- Automatic tools for secure software development
- Automatic analysis/enforcement of security policies
- Definition and analysis of security-related semantic
- Tools for formal analysis of security properties
- Specification, characterisation and integration of
  security components and patterns

Important Deadlines

E-mail of interest by:        June 10, 2004 
Paper Submission due by:      June 21, 2004 
Accept/Reject Notification:   July 31, 2004
Camera-ready manuscripts due: August 20, 2004

Program Committee
 Sigrid Gu:rgens (Germany)
 Juan J. Ortega (Spain)
 Ana Moreira (Portugal)
 Ernesto Pimentel (Spain)
 Dieter Gollmann (Germany)
 Joseph Schmuller (USA)
 Colin Boyd (Australia )
 Volkmar Lotz (Germany)
 Mariemma I. Yague (Spain)
 Mario Jeckle (Germany)
 Jose Vivas (Sweden)
 Werner Stephan (Germany)
 Andrew Clark (Australia )

Detailed submission instructions

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap papers that
have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to
a journal or a conference with proceedings. Papers should be
at most 10 pages excluding the bibliography and well-marked
appendices (using 11-point font), and at most 12 pages
total. Committee members are not required to read the
appendices, and so the paper should be intelligible without

 To submit a paper, send a plain ASCII text email containing
the title and abstract of your paper, the authors' names,
email and snail mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, and
identification of the contact author to one of the Workshop
co-chairs. All author-related information should be ommitted
in the papers. Attach your paper (as a MIME attachment) in
PDF format to the same email. Do NOT send files produced
using word processing packages (e.g., Microsoft Word or
WordPerfect files). Submissions that do not meet these
guidelines risk rejection without consideration of their

Contact Information

Interested authors must submit their papers by email to
any of the Workshop Co-Chairs:

Dr. Antonio Man~a 	amg@lcc.uma.es
Dr. Carsten Rudolph    	Carsten.Rudolph@sit.fraunhofer.de

For details see: http://www.lcc.uma.es/SAPS04 and