The 30th International Conference on Computer
Safety, Reliability and Security (SAFECOMP 2011) 
19-21 September, 2011
Naples, Italy 



SAFECOMP is an annual event covering the state-of-the-art, experience
and trends in the areas of safety, security and reliability of
critical computer applications.


2011 KEY THEME:"Safety and security of computer-based systems
and infrastructures: from risk assessment to threat mitigation"


Papers are invited in application and industrial sectors as well as
research areas. Especially papers on industrial experience and
practice are encouraged.


TOPICS of interest include,  but are not limited to:


Application and Industrial Sectors:
 * aerospace and avionics
 * automotive
 * industrial process control
 * networking & telecommunication
 * railways
 * robotics and autonomous systems
 * medical devices and systems
 * e-health
 * off-shore technology
 * ship building
 * power systems
 * critical infrastructures
 * security of safety-critical systems
 * safety guidelines and standards
 * education & training

Research Areas:
 * safety & security risk assessment
 * design for dependability
 * diversity
 * fault tolerance
 * verification & validation
 * testing
 * qualification and certification
 * modelling and simulation
 * human factors
 * dependability analysis
 * networked (distributed) embedded systems
 * safety-critical computer systems
 * resilient (robust) systems
 * embedded intelligence
 * software and hardware for critical systems
 * methods, techniques and tools

Conference Proceedings and Journal Special Issue

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer in the LNCS
series and made available at the conference. Authors of selected best
papers will be invited to submit a revised and extended version to a
special issue of the International Journal on Reliability Engineering
and System Safety (RESS) published by Elsevier.

Paper Submission

Full paper submissions are subjected to a formal peer-review
process. Only papers neither published nor submitted elsewhere may be
submitted for publication. Contributions must indicate the name,
postal address, e-mail address, phone and fax number of the contact
author. In order to support the reviewing process a preliminary
submission of a half-page abstract is required, announcing the
intention to submit a full paper and summarizing the content of the
paper, its objectives and original contribution. Full papers must not
exceed the maximum length of 14 pages to be edited according to the
LNCS templates provided by Springer-Verlag at the web site:
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/ In order to guarantee the quality of
the presentations, each accepted paper must be presented by one of its
own author at the conference. The language of the conference is

Important Dates

 * February 27, 2011: Paper Abstract due

 * March 21, 2011:     Full paper due

 * April 15, 2011:     Tutorial/Workshop proposals due

 * May 9, 2011:        Author notification

 * June 13, 2011:      Camera-ready


 * EWICS Chair: 
   - Francesca Saglietti (Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
 * Honorary Chairs: 
   - Giovanni  Bocchetti (Ansaldo STS) 
   - Giorgio Franceschetti  (Univ. of Naples Federico II) 
   - Antonino Mazzeo  (Univ. of Naples Federico II)
 * Program Committee Chairs: 
   - Francesco  Flammini (Ansaldo STS) 
   - Sandro Bologna (ENEA)
 * Local Chairs: 
   - Nicola Mazzocca (Univ. of Naples Federico II) 
   - Concetta Pragliola (Ansaldo STS) 
   - Roberto Setola (Univ. Campus Biomedico di Roma) 
   - Valeria Vittorini (Univ. of Naples Federico II)

International Program Committee

Blanquart J.P. (FR)
Bondavalli A. (IT)
Bloomfield R. (UK)
Buth B. (DE)
Coronato A. (IT)
Cotroneo D. (IT)
Daniel P. (UK)
D?Antonio S. (IT)
De Pietro G. (IT)
Di Giandomenico F. (IT)
Ehrenberger W. (DE)
Felici, M. (IT)
Ferreia Neves N. (PT)
Franceschinis G. (IT)
Gigante G. (IT)
Glielmo L. (IT)
Gorski J. (PL)
Halang W. (DE)
Harper R.E. (USA)
Heisel M. (DE)
Jurjens J. (DE)
Jimenez R. (ES)
Kanoun K. (FR)
Karlsson J. (SE)
Kelly T. (UK)
Koornneef F. (NL)
Ladkin P. (DE)
Lindskov Hansen S.(DK)
Littlewood B. (UK)
Margaria T. (DE)
Mosterman P.J. (USA)
Nanya T. (Japan)
Nordland O. (NO)
Ortemeir, F. (DE)
Pataricza A. (HU)
Powell D. (FR)
Prinetto P. (IT)
Romano L. (IT)
Romanovsky A. (UK)
Russo S. (IT)
Saglietti F. (DE)
Schoitsch E. (AT)
Seyfarth T. (DE)
Siciliano B. (IT)
Strigini L. (UK)
Sujan M. (UK)
Suri N. (DE)
Trivedi K. (USA)
van der Meulen M. (NL)
Vittorini V. (IT)
Vozella A. (IT)
Zanero S. (IT)
Zurakowski Z. (PL)

General Inquires

For more detailed and updated information, please refer to
http://www.safecomp2011.unina.it/ or contact the conference
secretariat at safecomp2011@unina.it