SAC-ISRA 2010  25th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Information  
Security Research and Applications Track, Sierre, Switzerland, March  
22-26, 2010. (Submissions due 8 September 2009)

As society becomes more reliant on information systems, networks, and  
mobile communication, we become more vulnerable to security incidents.  
Our critical infrastructures for energy, communication, and  
transportation are interconnected via the Internet, bringing with this  
the efficiencies and economies of scale and the risk associated with  
open networks.  It has turned out that economic and societal interests  
go beyond technical security, as they also relate to organizational  
and behavioral security facets. This track provides a venue for  
holistic security issues related to detecting, mitigating and  
preventing the threat of attacks against information and communication  
systems. It brings together security researchers from the areas of  
computer science, information systems and systems science who are  
otherwise spread over multiple conferences.

Papers that address improving the security of information system- 
reliant organizations from threats through technical, organizational,  
or behavioral change are encouraged. These may include simulation  
studies, case-based research, empirical studies, and other  
applications of quantitative and qualitative methods. Topics include,  
but are not limited to:

     * Internet security
     * Economics of information security
     * Identifying modes of misuse
     * Applications of access policies
     * Analysis of known and unknown modes of attack
     * Detecting and mitigating insider threats
     * Modeling risks and approaches to mitigation
     * Teaching and training security and business managers about  
       information security
     * Creating channels and techniques to share confidential  
     * Modeling and theory building of security issues
     * Insider threats
     * Social and business security policy
     * Intrusion detection/prevention
     * Electronic commerce security and privacy
     * Secure software development
     * Electronic voting
     * Security metrics
     * Risk and fraud assessment
     * Trust
     * Process Control Systems / SCADA security

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