RFIDsec 2013 Asia (The 2013 Workshop on RFID and IoT Security)
November 27, 2013
Guangzhou, China
Submission deadline: 01 Jul 2013

RFIDsec 2013 Asia The 2013 Workshop on RFID and IoT Security,
Guangzhou, China, November 27, 2013. (Submissions due 01 Jul 2013)
The workshop series of RFIDsec Asia, the Asia branch of RFIDsec, aims
to provide researchers, enterprises and governments a platform to
investigate, discuss and propose new solutions on security and privacy
issues of RFID/IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and applications.
Papers with original research in theory and practical system design
concerning RFID/IoT security are solicited. The proceedings of RFIDsec
2013 Asia will be published in the book series Cryptology and
Information Security by IOS Press. This year's workshop is collocated
with the 9th China International Conference on Information Security and
Cryptology (Inscrypt 2013), Nov. 27 - Nov. 30, 2013, Guangzhou, China.
Topics of the conference include but not limited to:

- New applications for secure RFID/IoT systems
- Data integrity and privacy protection techniques for RFID/IoT
- Attacks and countermeasures on RFID/IoT systems 
- Design and analysis on secure RFID/IoT hardware 
- Risk assessment and management on RFID/IoT applications 
- Trust model, data aggregation and information sharing for EPCglobal
- Resource efficient implementation of cryptography.
- Integration of secure RFID/IoT systems

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