RFIDsec'11 Asia The 2011 Workshop on RFID Security,
            Wuxi, China, April 6-8, 2011. (Submissions due 31 October 2010)

            RFIDsec is the earliest workshop devoted to security and privacy
issues in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Starting   in 2005, RFIDsec
has been organized as a series of workshops held in Graz (2005/06), Malaga
(2007), Budapest (2008), Leuven (2009) and Istanbul (2010). RFIDsec aims to
bridge the gap between cryptographic & security researchers and RFID
developers through invited talks and contributed presentations. The RFIDsec
Asia workshop is aligned with RFIDSec. In 2011, the Workshop on RFID
Security 2011 Asia (RFIDsec'11 Asia) will be hosted by Peking University in
Wuxi, which is a well-known city in the center of the Yangtze Delta Region
in China enjoying a history of over 3000 years. On August 7th 2009, China's
Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Wuxi, and put up with the proposal of
building China Sensing Information Center ("Sensing China" Center) in Wuxi.
RFIDsec'11 Asia provides a forum to address the fundamental issues in theory
and practice related to security and privacy issues, designs, standards, and
case studies in the development of RFID systems, EPCglobal network, and
Internet of Things (IoT). Submissions and interactions from academia,
government and industry are welcome and appreciated. Moreover, the workshop
plans to organize summit and exhibition for Internet of Things and RFID. An
optional one-day (April 9th) culture exploration to the Giant Buddha and Fan
Gong Palace at Mt. Lingshan will be arranged with additional cost.  
            For RFIDsec'11 Asia, we expand our scope from a focus on
RFID security and privacy to the broader field including security of
Internet of Thing (IoT). Topics of the conference include but not
limited to:

   - Cryptographic protocols for RFID/IoT Authentication protocols 
     Key update mechanisms 
     Scalability issues 
   - Integration of secure RFID/IoT systems 
     RFID security hardware 
     Middleware and security 
     (Public-key) Infrastructures 
     Case studies 
   - Resource-efficient implementation of cryptography 
     Small-footprint hardware 
     Low-power architectures 
   - Attacks & Countermeasures on RFID/IoT systems  
   - New applications for secure RFID/IoT systems 
   - Data protection for RFID/IoT 
   - Trust Model, data protection and sharing for EPCglobal network 
   - RFID sensor security 
   - Context based RFID/IoT security and privacy 
   - Privacy-enhancing techniques for RFID/IoT 
   - Privacy-preserving techniques for RFID/IoT 
   - Legal aspects of RFID/IoT security and privacy 
   - Risk assessment & management of RFID/IoT security 
   - Privacy and security challenges for sensor networks/IoT 

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