RFIDSec 2016 
12th Workshop on RFID and IoT Security, 
Hong Kong,
November 30 - December 2, 2016.
(Submissions due 12 September 2016)

Started in 2005, RFIDsec has become the premier venue devoted to
security and privacy of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The
nature of radio-enabled item identification and automatic data capture
has significantly changed over the years driven by the interest in
overarching applications such as the Internet-of-Things and
cyber-physical systems. As such, RFIDsec has also broadened its scope
and seeks papers describing any contributions to security and privacy
in any application area related to any constrained devices, such as
sensor nodes, smart wearables, smart cards, programmable logic
controllers (PLCs) and RFID tags.

Topics of interest include:
- System security aspects related to any emerging application area of
  constrained platforms, e.g. Internet-of-Things, cyber-physical
  systems, e-health devices, etc.
- Implementations of cryptography and protocols with constrained
  resources in terms of energy, power, computation resources and memory
- Secure software and hardware architectures and software for embedded
  constrained devices and systems
- Side-channel, tamper and reverse-engineering resistant designs and
  countermeasures for constrained platforms
- Physical-layer security and contextual authentication/pairing for
  constrained devices
- User-centric security issues, e.g. continuous user authentication,
  user-centric data privacy management, user consent for pervasively
  sensed data, etc.
- Design issues related to reliability and scalability of security
  services in large systems, e.g. key management, device updates and
  security life cycle

For more information, please see http://rfidsec2016.org