Workshop on Quantum and Classical Information Security
October 26, 2009
Vico Equense, Sorrento peninsula, Naples, Italy

One-day workshop organized within the conference QuantumComm 2009
International Conference on Quantum Communication and Quantum
Workshop Principal Sponsor: Institut Telecom ( 

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Motivation and Scope : 

The research communities of quantum information security and of
classical information security tend to be composed of people that do
not share the same scientific backgrounds and work in parallel, with
different perspectives, on topics that are on the opposite highly
similar. The variety of these topics: secret key agreement, public-key
and secret-key encryption schemes, secure multi-party computation,
informationtheoretic cryptographic schemes, complexity reductions and
provable security, composability of cryptographic primitives,
cryptanalysis, cryptographic side-channels, security evaluation and
certification of cryptographic implementations, network security,
deployment and management of security infrastructures, etc..., has
become extremely large as quantum cryptography has progressively
widened it scope. However, some exagerate claims of "unconditionnal
quantum supporters", not well informed about cryptography, has lead to
misunderstandings and in particular to the false belief that quantum
cryptography could replace classical cryptography, while in fact the
scientific results indicate that cryptography in a quantum world would
still be largely classical.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers with different backgrounds who however work on converging problems in classical or quantum information security in order to foster discussions and exchanges among these communities. We believe that promising advances both in fundamental cryptographic research and in practical network security can result from a closer cooperation of classical and quantum information security communities. 

Workshop Organization: 
Chair: Romain Alléaume (Institut Télécom / Télécom ParisTech, France) 

The workshop will be focused on addressing up-to-date topics linking quantum and classical information security. It will be divided in 4 tracks, each composed of one invited talk and of a few contributed talks 

1. Track 1: Post-Quantum Computer Cryptography 
2. Track 2: Quantum and classical information-theoretic cryptography 
3. Track 3: Practical quantum and classical secret-key agreement solutions 
4. Track 4: Quantum and Classical security assurance 

Invited Speakers: 
Nicolas Sendrier, INRIA, France 
Renato Renner, ETHZ, Switzerland 
Louis Granboulan, EADS, France 
Jean-Jacques Quisquater, UCL, Belgium 
Fred Piper, Royal Holloway, UK (to be confirmed) 

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: All authors are required to submit a 2-page
Summary of their presentation by the June 30 deadline followed by a
PDF version of the full paper in English. Full papers are limited to
12 pages (invited papers), or 8 pages (contributed papers), and must
fulfill the submission details listed at: Presentation will be
either oral or in poster format, as deemed appropriate by the
Technical Program Committee.

PUBLICATION: All submitted papers will be subject to a rigorous peer-review. Accepted papers will be published by Springer in the QuantumComm Conference Proceedings, under the LNICST - joint publication series of ICST and Springer - 

Extended Deadline for Short Initial Paper Submissions: June 30, 2009 
Extended Deadline for Acceptance Notification: July 30, 2009 
Camera-Ready Version: August 30, 2009 
Workshop: October 26, 2009 
QuantumComm: October 26-30, 2009

Imrich Chlamtac (Chair) Create-Net, Trento, Italy 
Andrea Simoni (Co-Chair) FBK, Trento, Italy 
A. Sergienko (Co-Chair) Boston University, USA 
S. Bush (Co-Chair) GE Global Research, USA 
F. Illuminati, (Co-Chair) University of Salerno, Italy 

GENERAL CHAIR: Alexander Sergienko Boston University, USA 
PUBLICITY CHAIR: Saverio Pascazio University of Bari, Italy 
WEB SITE CHAIR: Shawn Doria, Boston University, USA