PROOFS 2013 Second International Workshop on Security Proofs for
            Embedded Systems, 
Santa Barbara, UCSB, USA, August 24, 2013.

(Submissions due Saturday July 20, 2013).

Formal methods are used to increase the confidence level in system
designs.  They are customarily used for safety and dependability
testing.  The focus of the PROOFS workshop is the study of formal
methods applied at the design stage with a view to preventing
implementation-level attacks.  As analog devices (random number
generation, physically unclonable functions, etc.) are involved in
some protection schemes, their experimental security proof are also
emerging as a hot topic.

Thus the workshop welcomes contributions in the following fields:
- modelization of the threat,
- model verification and analysis with mathematical methods,
- protections, with their formal proof (at algorithmic or at code-level),
- cyber-security patterns against viruses and malicious intrusions,
- resilience approaches to side-channel attacks,
- resilience approaches to perturbation attacks,
- resilience approaches to invasive attacks,
- formal verification of embedded software, at source code or assembly level,
- formal verification of VLSI designs, at RTL or netlist-level,
- formal verification of hardware designs of crypto algorithms,
- formal techniques for malicious circuits detection in embedded system,
- return on experiment about common criteria certification at EAL6 or EAL7.

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