PADM'06 - IEEE International Workshop on Privacy Aspects of Data Mining,
Hong Kong, December 18, 2006. (Submissions due July 30 2006)

Privacy protection in data mining is a crucial issue that has captured the
attention of many researchers and administrators across a large number of
application domains. Despite such efforts there are still many open issues
that deserve further investigation. The workshop hopes to gather researchers
and practitioners interested in the privacy aspects of data mining, both by
a technical, and a social and legal point of views. We hope to attract
interest from a wide range of possible data mining subareas, including: web
mining, medical data mining, spatio-temporal data mining, ubiquitous
knowledge discovery, and obviously, privacy-preserving data mining.

The workshop will seek submissions that cover aspects of privacy protection
solutions and threats as they pertain to various data mining endeavors. The
following comprises a sample, but not complete, listing of topics:

- Biomedical and healthcare data mining research privacy
- Cryptographic tools for privacy preserving data mining
- Inference and disclosure control for data mining
- Learning algorithms for randomized/perturbed data
- Legal and regulatory frameworks for data mining and privacy
- Privacy and anonymity in e-commerce and user profiling
- Privacy aspects of business processes and enterprise management
- Privacy aspects of geographic, spatial, and temporal data
- Privacy aspects of ubiquitous computing systems
- Privacy enhancement technologies in web environments
- Privacy policy infrastructure, enforcement, and analysis
- Privacy preserving link and social network analysis
- Privacy preserving applications for homeland security
- Privacy preserving data integration
- Privacy protection in fraud and identify theft prevention
- Privacy threats due to data mining
- Query systems and access control
- Trust management for data mining

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