NordSec 2016
21st Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems,
Oulu, Finland, November 2-4, 2016.
(Submissions Due 1 July 2016)

NordSec addresses a broad range of topics within IT
security with the aim of bringing together computer
security researchers and encouraging interaction between
academia and industry. NordSec 2016 is co-located with the
10th International Crisis Management Workshop and Oulu
Winter School. NordSec welcomes contributions within, but
not limited to, the following areas:

- Access control and security models 
- Applied cryptography 
- Cloud security 
- Commercial security policies and enforcement 
- Cyber crime, warfare, and forensics 
- Economic, legal, and social aspects of security 
- Enterprise security 
- Hardware and smart card security 
- Mobile and embedded security 
- Internet of Things and M2M security 
- Internet, communication, and network security 
- Intrusion detection 
- Language-based techniques for security 
- New ideas and paradigms in security 
- Operating system security 
- Privacy and anonymity 
- Security education and training 
- Security evaluation and measurement 
- Security management and audit 
- Security protocols 
- Security usability 
- Social engineering and phishing 
- Software security and malware 
- Trust and identity management 
- Trusted computing 
- Vulnerability testing  
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