6th Annual PKI R&D Workshop: "Applications-Driven PKI (It's the Apps, 
Stupid!)" http://middleware.internet2.edu/pki07/
Gaithersburg, Maryland, April 17-19, 2007 (Submission Due:  October 22, 2006)

This workshop considers the full range of public key technology used
for security decisions and supporting functionalities, including
authentication, authorization, identity management, federation, and
trust.  This year's focus is striking the proper balance to permit
users to easily complete tasks requiring security while exposing the
appropriate security details through all layers of software. This
workshop has three goals:

1.	Explore the current state of public key technology and emerging 
trust mechanisms in different domains, including web services, grid 
technologies, encryption functionality, authentication systems, etc., 
in academia, research, government, and industry.
2.	Share & discuss lessons learned and scenarios from vendors and 
practitioners on current deployments.
3.	Provide a forum for leading security researchers to explore the 
issues relevant to PKI in relation to applications, usability, 
security management, identity, trust, policy, authentication, 
authorization and encryption (e.g., supporting privacy requirements).

We solicit papers, case studies, panel proposals, and participation 
from researchers, systems architects, vendor engineers, and users. 
Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

- Reports of real-world experience with the use and deployment of 
  applications that leverage PKI, how best to integrate such usage into 
  legacy systems, and future research directions
- Federated versus Non-Federated trust models
- Standards related to PKI and security decision systems, such as 
  X.509, SPKI/SDSI, PGP, XKMS, XACML, XRML, XML signatures, and SAML
- Identity management (Shibboleth, Liberty, Higgins, InfoCard, etc.)
- Cryptographic and alternative methods for supporting security 
  decisions, including the characterization and encoding of data
- Intersection of policy-based systems and PKI
- Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) advances that improve usability of 
  PKI for users and administrators
- Privacy protection and implications
- Use of PKI in emerging technologies (e.g., sensor networks)
- Scalability and performance of PKI systems
- Security of the components of PKI systems
- Security infrastructures for constrained environments
- Improved human factor designs for security-related interfaces, 
  including authorization and policy management, naming, signatures, 
  encryption, use of multiple private keys, and selective disclosure
- New paradigms in PKI architectures

Deadlines for conference paper and panel submissions are:
- Papers and Proposals Due: October 22, 2006
- Authors Notified: December 18, 2006
- Final Materials Due: February 26, 2007

Submissions should be provided electronically, in PDF, for standard 
US letter-size paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Paper submissions must not 
exceed 15 pages (single space, two column format with 1" margins 
using a 10 pt or larger font) and have no header or footer text 
(e.g., no page numbers).  Proposals for panels should be no longer 
than five pages and include possible panelists and an indication of 
which panelists have confirmed participation.

Submissions will be handled electronically. Detailed submission 
instructions can be found at the workshop website (see