*The Third International Workshop on Security, Privacy, and
Trustworthiness in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
<http://sceweb.sce.uhcl.edu/sha/medspt2018.html>**(MedSPT 2018)*

*in conjunction with IEEE/ACM CHASE 2018*

*Outstanding papers will be invited to extend to full version for Journal
of Medical Systems (Impact Factor 2.456).*

Washington, DC, USA

September 26-28, 2018

Deadline June 8, 2018

Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MCPS) are life-critical, context-aware, and
networked systems of medical devices that provide tight integration and
coordination between the cyber world of computing and communications and
the physical world. Recent advances in mobile and wearable healthcare,
communication, and Cloud computing technologies are making MCPS a promising
platform for scientific advancement and development of new tools that may
improve patients' health and wellbeing. Coming along with the potential
social economic and personal healthcare benefits are significant security,
privacy, and trustworthiness challenges in MCPS, due to unreliable embedded
software controlling medical devices, weak computing and networking
capabilities of medical devices, and adaptive privacy requirements
introduced by complicated physiological dynamics of patient bodies. So far,
the security, privacy, and trustworthiness initiatives for MCPS are still
at an early stage. On one hand, more and more concerns have been raised in
the fields and many security, privacy, and trustworthiness-enhancing
techniques have been proposed to resolve these concerns. On the other hand,
the emerging mobile and wearable technologies revolutionize the entire MCPS
as well as its models of security, privacy, and trustworthiness. It is
still not clear that these proposed techniques are useful and effective in
practice and how quickly or even possibly they are going to be adopted.

This workshop aims to bring together the technologists and researchers who
share interests in the area of security, privacy, and trustworthiness in
medical cyber-physical systems, as well as explore new avenues of
collaboration. The main purpose is to promote discussions of research and
relevant activities in the design of secure, privacy, or trustworthiness
architectures, protocols, algorithms, services, and applications on medical
cyber-physical systems. It also aims at increasing the synergy between
academic and industry professionals working in this area. We plan to seek
papers that address theoretical, experimental research, and
work-in-progress for security, privacy, and trustworthiness related issues
in the context of medical cyber-physical system.