2nd International Workshop on Mobile and Wireless Networks Security (MWNS'09)

MWNS'09 is the second event in the series of international workshops
on "Mobile and Wireless Networks Security", following the highly
successful MWNS workshop in Singapore 2008. This year the workshop
will be organized on May 15, 2009, as a full-day event on the last day
of the IFIP conference Networking 2009 which will be held May 11-15,
2009, in Aachen, Germany.

Call for Papers

Network security being for many years addressed in wired networks, it
becomes more and more challenging in mobile and wireless networks
since those environments are widely open and accessible.

In this context, mobile and wireless terminals and communication are
more vulnerable than wired terminals and networks to different attacks
such as denial of service, man in the middle, hijacking, spoofing,
etc. In addition, they have less resources which is a real problem in
security solution design.  This poses new challenges in a sense that
we need to design secure and robust solution and light enough to be
supported by those wireless and mobile terminals and communications.

Different wireless and mobile technologies are available today such as
RFID, Wifi, Wimax, 3G, etc promising the deployment of a variety of
services for mobile users.  However, security needs to be robust
enough in order for the user to trust the services offered on top of
those technologies. Other technologies such as ad hoc or sensor
networks are also very interesting for new type of services, but they
also need to prove that security level is high enough to support user

Authors are invited to submit work on issues related to, but not
limited by, the following list of topics:

* Security in wireless PAN, LAN, MAN, RAN
* Security in IP Mobility networks
* Security in Mobile P2P
* Security policies and models
* Privacy, anonymity, and tracking
* AAA - Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting
* Security in Mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, ...)
* Security in ad hoc networks
* Security in sensor/RFID networks
* Identity management
* Security of wireless and mobile terminals
  (smart cards, biometry, ...)

Keynote Speaker

The first MWNS workshop in Singapore we welcomed Charles Perkins who
gave us a very interesting talk on mesh wireless networks, this year
for MWNS 2009 we are welcoming Hannes Tschofenig who is an active
fellow at the IETF. He is Senior Standardization Specialist at Nokia
Siemens Networks in Finland.

Paper Submission

Full papers are solicited in English to be submitted to
MWNS2009@gmail.com, no more than 12 single-spaced pages, each of which
will be subject to a full peer review process. Submissions should
already follow the author guidelines as specified below and must
include: title, authors, affiliations, 100-word abstract, and a list
of at most five keywords. The corresponding author should be
identified, including name, position, mailing address, telephone and
fax numbers, and e-mail address. An electronic, PDF-based submission
of papers is mandatory.

The conference proceedings will be published as hard-copy and
electronically by http://www.shaker.eu/ Shaker Verlag Series and
will be available during the event. In preparing their manuscript,
authors are obliged to follow the LNCS guidelines strictly and without
exception, including the 12 page limit. The Springer template file is
available in both

Latex2e and

Microsoft Word format. 

Post-conference journal publication of selected
papers is under preparation.

General Information

The workshop will be organized on May 15, 2009, as a full-day event on
the last day of the IFIP conference Networking 2009 which will be held
May 11-15, 2009, in Aachen, Germany. The registration for this
workshop is handled within the framework of Networking 2009, see the
registration site for further details.

Important Dates

 * Paper Registration
   December 01, 2008
 * Paper Submission
   December 15, 2008
 * Acceptance Notification
   January 31, 2009
 * Camera Ready Due
   February 23, 2009
 * Workshop
   May 15, 2009

For further information please send an