MPS 2018 - Call for Papers
2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Privacy and Security
Co-located with ACM CCS 2018
15 October, 2018

The 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Privacy and Security (MPS
2018), co-located with ACM CCS 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will
bring together researchers and practitioners in cybersecurity, data
privacy, and multimedia. MPS 2018 focuses on the security and privacy
issues that have developed as our society has become more
interconnected, specifically with respect to multimedia data generated
by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Web 2.0.

We live in an interconnected world where ever-increasing multitudes of
devices and people are connected to each other by intelligent
algorithms, apps, social networks, and the infrastructure set by
Internet of Things (IoT) and Web 2.0 (i.e., online social networks,
instant messaging services and P2P systems such as blockchain based
networks). As more people and their devices are connected without much
restriction, the issues of security, privacy, and trust remain a
challenge. Multimedia data and devices have been dominating the
Internet and the IoT as more and more devices are capable of producing
and handling multimedia data such as audio, image, video and computer
graphics. In recent years, we have witnessed an increasing number of
security incidents about hacking, security breaches, data
manipulation, social engineering, and new attacks against many online
systems and services, many of which are related to multimedia data
and/or devices. For instance, malware is hidden within an image file
on a web site, and any user who visits the website can get its machine
infected immediately after its web browser displays the image. We
invite researchers who are working on new and innovative methods,
techniques, and proofs‐of‐concepts in multimedia privacy and security
to submit papers for this workshop.

==Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Access control and authentication for multimedia privacy and security systems
- Identity management and standards for multimedia privacy and security systems
- Privacy and security issues and solutions related to multimedia data
  on IoT networks and online social network security and privacy
- Distributed ledger technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies for
  multimedia data and devices
- Bystander privacy
- Augmented/Virtual reality security and privacy
- Encryption of all multimedia data, including homomorphic encryption
- Security and privacy in crowdsensing
- Multimedia forensics
- Multimedia data Leakage and exfiltration
- Intrusion detection/prevention systems where multimedia data play a key role
- Large-scale simulations and experiments for multimedia privacy and
  security problems
- Location-based privacy and other privacy-enhancing technologies for
  multimedia data and systems such as images and videos on online
  social networks
- Risk mitigation, reduction, and simulation
- Malware in multimedia data and devices
- Multimedia data security, recovery, and segregation
- Secure integration of multimedia data in IoT and online social networks
- Multimedia steganography and steganalysis
- Digital watermarking
- Digital rights management
- Internet-connected cameras and multiview systems
- Human factors in multimedia security and privacy products, systems
  and networks
- Cloud-based multimedia systems
- Emerging privacy and security threats in multimedia

==Best Paper Award and Invited Submissions to Journals

One submission will be awarded the Best Paper and a selection of
accepted papers will receive an invitation to publish, after further
revision and expansion, in affiliated journals. The Proceedings of MPS
2018 will be published on the ACM Digital Library.

==Important Dates

- 9 July, 2018 – Submission Deadline (AoE)
- 13 August, 2018 – Author Notification
- 19 August, 2018 – Camera-Ready Papers Due
- 15 October, 2018 – MPS Workshop

==Organizing Committee

- Roger Hallman - General Co-Chair (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, 
  San Diego, Ca, USA)
- Shujun Li - General Co-Chair (University of Kent, UK)
- Victor Chang - General Co-Chair (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool
  University, Suzhou, China)

Members of the Program Committee can be found at the MPS 2018 website.