MMM-ACNS-2012 and SA&PS4CS-2012 
Sixth International Conference - Mathematical Methods, Models, and
 Architectures for Computer Network Security
and Second International Workshop Scientific Analysis and Policy
 Support for Cyber Security, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 17-20,
(Submissions due 27 May 2012)

These conference and workshop bring together leading researchers from
academia and governmental organizations as well as practitioners to
advance the states of the art and practice in the area of computer
networks and information security with a focus on novel theoretical
aspects of computer network security, facilitate personal interactions
and discussions on various aspects of information technologies in
conjunction with computer network and information security problems
arising in large-scale computer networks.

MMM-ACNS-2012's scope includes, but is not restricted to the following areas:

- Adaptive security
- Anti-malware techniques: detection, analysis, prevention
- Anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-fraud, anti-botnet techniques
- Applied cryptography
- Authentication, authorization and access control
- Cloud Security
- Computer and network forensics
- Covert channels
- Critical infrastructure protection
- Data and application security
- Data mining, machine learning, and bio-inspired approaches for security 
- Deception systems and honeypots
- Denial-of-service attacks and countermeasures
- Digital Rights Management
- eCommerce, eBusiness and eGovernment security
- Embedded system security 
- Formal analysis of security properties
- Information warfare 
- Internet and web security
- Intrusion prevention, detection, and response
- Language-based security
- Network survivability
- New ideas and paradigms for security
- Operating system security
- Reliability and dependability
- Risks metrics, risk analysis and risk management 
- Security and privacy in pervasive and ubiquitous computing
- Security event and information management
- Security for large-scale systems and critical infrastructures
- Security in social networks
- Security of emerging technologies: sensor, wireless/mobile,
  peer-to-peer and overlay networks
- Security of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems
- Security modeling and simulation
- Security policies
- Security protocols
- Security verification
- Security visualization
- Self-protecting and healing 
- Smartphone security
- Software protection
- Trusted computing
- Trust and reputation management
- Vulnerability assessment 

The main topics of the SA&PS4CS 2012 are detection, discrimination,
and attribution of various activities of malefactors and response to
cyber intrusions and attacks including national level information
operations as well as identifying emergent cyber technologies
supporting social and political activity management and trans-national
distributed computing management.

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