*Malware Memory Forensics (MMF) Workshop*

The Malware Memory Forensics Workshop will be held in New Orleans,
Louisiana, Tuesday, December 9, 2014, in conjunction with the Annual
Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). ACSAC will be held at
the Hyatt French Quarter, a New Orleans luxury hotel located in the
historic French Quarter.

Over the past few years, memory forensics has emerged and proven to be a
critical area for computer security and forensics. It is used to extract
artifacts from the physical memory of a computer system and then analyze
them to identify any traces of an attack or malicious activity.  Such
activity might include execution of a malicious process, unauthorized
modification of pointers and data structures, malicious patching of benign
code, etc. Memory forensics can play a critical role in the detection and
analysis of sophisticated and stealthy malware, including zero-day attacks.
However, automatically extracting and analyzing artifacts is a big
challenge in memory forensics. The goal of this workshop is to explore new
techniques that can facilitate the automatic detection and analysis of
in-memory malware through memory forensic analysis. Papers of interest
including (but not limited to) the following subject categories are

 . Statistical and data mining techniques for malware analysis and detection
 . Memory forensics for cyber physical systems such as control systems,
   SCADA, and smart grids
 . Static and dynamic analysis for malware
 . Cloud and virtual machine introspection
 . Extraction and analysis of application and operating systems structures
 . Memory forensics for mobile devices including smart phones
 . Tool testing and development
 . Digital evidence storage,  preservation, and the law
 . Anti-Forensics

Submissions should be 4-8 pages, using the double-column ACM proceedings
format. Submission website is at

Important Dates

*Submission Deadline:* *October 3, 2014*
*Acceptance Notification*: October 15, 2014

*Final Manuscript due:* November 1, 2014
*Workshop Date:* December 9, 2014

Further details about the workshop can be found at the workshop web site:

*Organizing Committees*
*General Co-Chairs:*
Harvey Rubinovitz, The MITRE Corporation
Golden G. Richard III, The Univ. of New Orleans
*Program Co-chairs:*
Vassil Roussev, The Univ. of New Orleans
Irfan Ahmed, The Univ. of New Orleans

*Program Committee Members include: *
Jesse Kornblum (Facebook)
Michael Cohen (Google)
Zhiqiang Lin (University of Texas at Dallas)
Bradley Schatz (Schatz Forensic)
Bryan D. Payne (Nebula)
Ryan Riley (Qatar University)
Andrew Case (Volatility Foundation)
Lodovico Marziale (504ENSICS Labs)
Brendan Dolan-Gavitt (Georgia Inst. of Technology)

*The workshop papers will be published on the ACSAC website. *
If you are interested in attending please check off the appropriate box on
the conference registration form and add in the Malware Memory Forensics
(MMF) Workshop fee. Lunch will be included as part of the workshop fee.