Short Name:            Inspec 2008
Full Name:             International Workshop on Security and Privacy 
                        in Enterprise Computing, 
                        Held in conjunction with the 
                        12th IEEE International EDOC Conference (EDOC 2008)
Date:                  15 September 2008
Submission Deadline:   13 June 2008
Place:                 Munich, Germany

Several technologies have emerged for enterprise computing.  Today,
services are becoming the new building blocks of enterprise systems
and service-oriented architectures are combining them in a flexible
and novel way.  These technological trends are accompanied by new
business trends due to globalization that involve innovative forms of
collaborations.  All of these trends bring with them new challenges to
the security and privacy of enterprise computing.  New concepts for
solving these challenges require the combination of many disciplines
from computer science and information systems, such as cryptography,
networking, distributed systems, process modeling and design, access
control, privacy etc.  It is the goal of this workshop to provide a
forum for exchange of novel research in these areas among the experts
from academia and industry.

Topics include:
* Security and privacy in workflow systems 
  - Access control architectures 
  - Modeling of security and privacy constraints 
  - Automatic security augmentation 
  - Secure/Trusted virtual domains 
* Security and privacy in service-oriented architectures 
  - Secure composition of services 
  - Semantic aware security 
  - Security services 
  - Trustworthy computation 
* Identity Management 
  - Security and Privacy 
  - Applications to compliance 
  - Effective use in business IT systems 
* Data sharing 
  - Cryptographic protection during data sharing 
  - Privacy-preserving distributed applications 
  - Efficient multi-party computations 
  - Privacy and data sharing policies 
* Security and privacy in management information systems 
  - Novel secure applications 
  - Secure and private data analytics 
  - Flexible and seamless security architectures 
  - Secure operating system design 
* Collaborations 
  - Secure and private supply chains 
  - Security and privacy in virtual organizations 
  - Private social network and Web 2.0 applications 
  - Security and privacy in outsourcing