Call for Participation Internet trust, challenges and the next 10 years, is the theme of the regional INET conference presented by the The San Francisco Chapter of the Internet Society.
May 7, 2010.  Attendance, including lunch and a reception after is FREE at the Hilton Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Experts from Internet policy, Internet standards, the private sector and the Internet user community will explore the following key questions:
• How can we advance security in the Domain Name System, (DNS)?
• How is email communication evolving to ensure end-to-end trust?
• How can we improve our trust in the current Internet model?
• How are businesses dealing with issues of trust?
• How does network confidence play a role in the Internet model?
• Should we be thinking differently?
San Francisco INET will also hold two sessions where the audience can interact with our panel of experts. At SF INET, we will focus on evolutionary steps with regard to trust and confidence as defined by those who use the Internet, policy makers, businesses and Internet developers. Instead of a focus on problems with trust or confidence today, the goal of this conference is to discuss what we want the Internet model to be in the next ten years.

Registration is free but due to limited seating pre-registration is
required by April 30th 2010. Refreshments and lunch will be provided with
a cocktail event after conclusion.

For INET 2010 conference schedule, list of speakers, and registration