**ISDDC 2017 *
International Conference on 
Intelligent, Secure and Dependable Systems in Distributed and Cloud Environments
October 25-27, 2017, 
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
(Submissions due June 10 2017)

This conference solicits papers addressing issues related to the design, 
analysis, and implementation, of dependable and secure infrastructures, 
systems, architectures, algorithms, and protocols that deal with network 
computing, mobile/ubiquitous systems, cloud systems, and IoT systems.

We invite papers on the following topics:

- Intelligent secure mobile systems
- Modern and Emerging Authentication Paradigms
- Digital Fraud detection, social engineering and insider threats
- Cyber threat intelligence
- Privacy, Security and Trust for Cloud, Mobile, and Internet-of-Things 
- Digital forensics, Intrusion Detection, and Biometrics
- Emerging Threats, Botnet and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) 
  detection and control
- Dependable Cluster/cloud/ubiquitous computing and grid Computing for 
  mobile applications
- Dependable Distributed data mining for mobile applications
- Secure Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery
- Applications such as cooperative mobile robots, opportunistic networks
- Cryptographic primitives for wireless and mobile security
- Security and privacy for mobile sensing systems
- Wireless or mobile security for emerging applications
- Security protocols for wireless networking
- Mobile malware and platform security
- Distributed Systems Security
- Embedded Systems Security
- Security architectures for cloud computing
- Security protocols for cloud computing
- Privacy-preserving data mining for clouds
- Identity management for cloud services
- Information sharing and data protection in the cloud
- Trust models for cloud services
- Security and Privacy of the Internet of Things
- Hardware security
- Secure computer architectures
- Embedded systems security
- Methods for detection of malicious or counterfeit hardware
- Mobile systems security
- Distributed systems security
- Intrusion and anomaly detection and prevention for mobile, cloud and
  IOT platforms


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