ISC 2013 
            The 16th Information Security Conference,
            Dallas, Texas, November 13 - 15, 2013.
            (Submissions due August 20, 2013 at 4pm GMT, 2013)

The Information Security Conference (ISC), which started as a workshop (ISW)
in 1997, is one of the first conferences bringing together computer security
and cryptographers. It has been held in 5 different continents. Its
proceedings are published by Springer.

Potential topics to be addressed by submissions include, but are not 
            limited to:  
- applied information security in the context of: eBusiness, eCommerce,
- computer security, e.g.: access control, database security, e-voting, formal
        methods,  intrusion detection,  trust models, watermarking 
- cryptography, e.g.: anonymity, authentication,  e-voting,
        fingerprinting, key management, privacy 
- general topics: anonymity, authentication, biometrics, insider threats,
        location services, network security, privacy 
- hardware aspects and embedded systems, 
- management aspects of security: economic aspects,
         digital right management, dissemination control, identity management,
         incident response, trust management 
- security (aspects) of: cloud computing, outsourcing IT, pervasive
         computing, social networks, user-friendliness
- software issues: malware, mobile code aspects, operating system security,
         predicting malware, software security, web
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