11th International IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management

Karlstad, Sweden

21-26 August 2016

submission deadline: 22 April 2016

We are inviting contributions to this summer school from students who 
are at the stage of preparing either a master’s or a PhD thesis. The 
school is interactive in character, and is composed of plenary lectures 
and workshops with master’s/PhD student presentations. The principle is 
to encourage young academic and industry entrants to the privacy and 
identity management world to share their own ideas, build up a collegial 
relationship with others, gain experience in making presentations, and 
potentially publish a paper through the resulting Springer proceedings. 
Submissions by senior researchers and participants in European, 
national, or regional/community research projects are also very welcome.

The school covers all aspects of privacy and identity and seeks for 
contributions from a broad range of disciplines (e.g., computer science, 
informatics, economics, ethics, law, psychology, sociology, political 
and other social sciences, surveillance studies, business and public 
management). Research papers are expected to contribute towards 
application scenarios, use cases, and good practices; research with an 
empirical focus; and interdisciplinary investigations.