IFIP IDMAN 2010 - 2nd IFIP WG 11.6 Working 
Conference on Policies & Research in Identity Management (IDMAN '10)
in Cooperation with The Norwegian Computing Center, 
Oslo, Norway
18-19 November 2010 
(Submissions due: April 1, 2010)

Papers offering research contributions focusing on identity management
in general and surveillance and monitoring in particular are solicited
for submission to the 2nd IFIP WG-11.6 International Conference on
Identity Management.  Papers may present theory, applications or
practical experiences in the field of national identity management,
from both a technical and a social perspective, including, but not
necessarily limited to:

    * History
    * Law
    * Philosophical and ethical aspects
    * Economics Impact of surveillance and 
      monitoring in both the physical world and in cyberspace
    * Impact on society and politics
    * Impact on e-government and e-government applications
    * Consecutive developments in social tracking, -tracing and -sorting
    * Quality of identity management in general
    * Quality identity data, processes and applications
    * Security and identity management
    * User centered, usable and inclusive identity management
    * Attacks on identity management 
      infrastructure and procedures Central storage of 
      general and biometric identity data
    * Effectiveness of surveillance and 
      monitoring in fighting terrorism, international crime and
    * human trafficking
    * Methods of identification and authentication
    * Models of identification procedures
    * Models of inclusive identification and authentication procedures
    * Government PKI
    * (Possible) role of pseudonymous and 
      anonymous identity in identity management
    * Electronic Ids European and worldwide 
      policies and cooperation in the field of identity management and
    * surveillance and monitoring
    * (Inter)national policies on unique 
      identifiers /social security numbers / personalisation IDs
    * (Inter)national applications of biometrics
    * Vulnerabilities of electronic identification protocols
    * Federative identity management and de-perimetrization
    * Fraud, fraud detection, fraud resistence of technologies
    * Biometric verification, assurance, metrics and measurements
    * Fraud resistance of biometrics
    * Junction between (large scale) applications 
      of identity management and surveillance and
    * monitoring
    * Data Protection
    * Privacy and Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) in identity management
    * Privacy Intrusion Technologies (PITs) in identity management
    * Privacy side-effects and privacy risks assessment of 
      identity management Intelligence and (inter)national threats
    * Impersonation, identity fraud, identity forge and identity theft
    * Tracing, monitoring and forensics

Important dates

Submission of papers: April 1, 2010 
Notification to authors: June 1, 2010
Camera-ready copies: August 15, 2010

For more details, see: