ICITS 2016 - 9th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, 
Tacoma, Washington, USA, 
9-12 August 2016.
(Submissions due 20 April 2016)
For more information, please see http://www.icits2016.com

This is the ninth in a series of conferences that aims to bring
together the leading researchers in the areas of information theory,
quantum information theory, and cryptography. ICITS covers all aspects
of information- theoretic security, from relevant mathematical tools
to theoretical modeling to implementation. ICITS is an event in
cooperation with The International Association for Cryptologic
Research (IACR). Papers on all technical aspects of these topics are
solicited for submission. Areas of interest include, but are not
restricted to:

Adversarial channel models
Authentication codes
Bounded-storage models
Biometric security
Codes, lattices & cryptography
Cryptography from noisy channels
Implementation challenges
Information-theoretic reductions
Information-theoretic tools
in computational settings
Key and message rates
Multiparty computations
Network coding security
Nonlocality and nonsignaling
Physical layer security
Physical models & assumptions
Quantum cryptography
Quantum information theory
Randomness extraction
Secret sharing
Wiretap channels

Invited Speakers

Amit Sahai (UCLA)
Stefano Tessaro (UCSB)
Sanjam Garg (Berkley)
Martin Roettler (Microsoft Research)

Important Dates

(Extended) Conference track submission deadline: 20th of April, 2016
(Extended) Workshop track submission deadline:  20th of April, 2016
Decision notification: 1st of June, 2016
Conference: 9-12 of August, 2016
Note: ICITS 2016 takes place right before Crypto 2016

Two Tracks: Conference and Workshop

As the goal of ICITS is to bring together researchers on all aspects
of information-theoretic security, it consists of two tracks with
different types of contributed presentations:

Conference Track (with proceedings): Submissions to this track must be
original papers that have not previously appeared in published
form. Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and will
appear in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be
published by Springer-Verlag in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Workshop Track (no proceedings): To encourage presentation of work
from a variety of fields (especially those where conference
publication is unusual or makes journal publication difficult), the
committee also solicits “workshop track” papers. Accepted papers will
be presented orally at the conference but will not appear in the
proceedings. Submissions to this track that have previously appeared
(or are currently submitted elsewhere) are acceptable. Papers that
describe work in progress are also welcome. We note that the same
standards of quality will apply to conference and workshop papers.

Conference Organization

General and Program Co-Chairs
Anderson C A Nascimento University of Washington , Tacoma, USA
Paulo Barreto University of Washington , Tacoma, USA

Publicity Co-Chairs
Bernardo David (Aarhus University)  
Ignacio Cascudo (Aarhus University)

Technical Program Committee 

Divesh Aggarwal       EPFL, Switzerland 
Anne Broadbent        University of Ottawa, Canada
Paolo D'Arco          University di Salerno, Italy
Nico Döttling    Aarhus University, Denmark
Frédéric Dupuis     Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Stefan Dziembowski    U Warsaw, Poland 
Ben Fuller            MIT, USA
Peter Gaži            IST, Austria
Divya Gupta           UCLA, USA
Goichiro Hanaoka      AIST, Japan 
Carmit Hazay          Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Mitsugu Iwamoto       University of Electro-Communications, Japan
Iordanis Kerenidis    Université Paris Diderot, France
Robert Koenig         Technische Universität München, Germany
Ranjit Kumaresan      MIT, USA
Tancrède Lepoint    CryptoExperts
Hemanta Maji          Purdue University, USA
Keith Martin          Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, 
                      University of London, UK
Koji Nuida            National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science 
                      and Technology (AIST), Japan 
Frederique Oggier     Research Center for Information Security, Singapore
Arpita Patra          Indian Institute of Science, India
Krzysztof Pietrzak    IST, Austria
Martin Roetteler      Microsoft Research Redmond, USA
Samuel Ranellucci     Aarhus University, Denmark
Rei Safavi-Naini      University of Calgary, Canada
Rafael Schaefer       Princeton University, USA
Junji Shikata         Yokohama National University, Japan 
Rainer Steinwandt     Florida Atlantic University, USA
Stefano Tessaro       UCSB, USA
Marten van Dijk       University of Connecticut, USA
Stefan Wolf           USI, Switzerland 
Mark Zhandry          Princeton University, USA