ICICS 2019
Twenty-first International Conference on Information and
Communications Security,
Beijing, China, 
December 15-17, 2019. 
(Submissions due September 10, 2019)

ICICS started in 1997 and aims at bringing together leading
researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to
discuss and exchange their experiences, lessons learned, and insights
related to computer and communications security. We solicit original
papers offering novel research contributions on all aspects of
information and communications security. Topics of interest include,
but are not limited to:

- Access control
- Social networks security, privacy and trust
- Key management and key recovery
- Software defined networking security
- Anonymity
- Embedded systems security
- Language-based security
- Security management
- Applied cryptography
- Security models, metrics, and policies
- Malware and anti-malware
- Fraud and cyber-crime
- Authentication and authorization
- Security and privacy of Big Data
- Mobile computing security and privacy
- Hardware security
- Biometrics security
- Security of critical Infrastructures
- Network security
- Identity access management
- Blockchain security and privacy
- Trust and reputation systems
- Cloud computing and edge computing security
- Trusted and trustworthy computing technologies
- Operating systems security
- Usable security and privacy
- Computer and digital forensics
- Insider threat detection
- Cyber-physical systems security
- Underground economy
- Privacy protection