Workshop on Privacy and Security Aspects of Data Mining
November 1, 2004
Brighton, UK

To be Held in Conjunction with the
Fourth IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2004)


Rapid growth of information technologies nowadays has brought
tremendous opportunities for data sharing and integration, and also
demands for privacy protection. The goal of this workshop is to
discuss issues of privacy and security in data mining, synergize
different views of techniques and policies, and brainstorm future
research directions. Although techniques, such as random perturbation,
cryptographic-based methods, and database inference control have been
developed, many of the key problems still remain open in this
area. Especially, new privacy and security issues have been
identified, and the scope of this problem has been expanded. In
addition to these existing technologies, people attempt to explore new
approaches to tackle the problem. Furthermore, special techniques may
be needed to deal with some data mining applications, such as
privacy-preserving mining of imbalanced data, bioinformatics data,
streaming data, etc. We believe that it would be valuable to both the
privacy and security community and the data mining community to
examine the progress achieved in this area. We strongly encourage
researchers with interest in the areas of privacy and security as well
as data mining and machine learning to attend the workshop.

Topics of Interest

        * Privacy and security protection during the phase of data
	  collection, including privacy and security policies, data ownership,
	  identity theft protection.
        * Access control techniques and secure data models.
        * Secure learning algorithms for randomized/perturbed data.
        * Privacy-Preserving multi-party data mining.
        * Trust management for data mining.

        * Learning from imbalanced data, streaming data, and
	  bioinformatics data while preserving data privacy.
        * Inference/disclosure related data mining.
        * Privacy protection in E-Commerce.
        * Privacy laws for fraud detection and for protecting personal
	  data, medical data, and the public release of data.
        * Secure link analysis and social network analysis.
        * Data mining applications for terrorist detection.
        * Privacy enhancement technologies in web environments.
        * Privacy guarantees and usability of
	  perturbation/randomization techniques.
        * Analysis of confidentiality control methods. 


Please send an electronic submission (postscript or PDF versions) to and cc Papers should be
prepared in the same format as ICDM conference papers and adhere to a
10 page limit.

The accepted papers will be published in the ICDM workshop
proceedings. Information about the workshop will be available via a
link to the main conference site. The presentation slides will be
posted on the web.

Important Dates
Papers Due: August 11th, 2004
Notification of Acceptance: September 15th, 2004
Camera ready: October 1th, 2004
Workshop: November 1th, 2004
Program Committee

Elisa Bertino, Purdue University, USA
Chris Clifton, Purdue University, USA
Ping Chen, University of Houston Downtown, USA
Steve Fienberg, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA
Tom Goldring, National Security Agency, USA
Mike Just, Carleton University, Canada
Helger Lipmaa, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Kobbi Nissim, Microsoft, USA
Pierangela Samarati, Universita` degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Jaideep Vaidya, Rutgers University, USA
Vassilis Verykios, University of Thessaly, Greece
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Stan Matwin
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University of Ottawa
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