IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST)

*IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust
 (HOST) premier event aims to facilitate the rapid growth of
 hardware-based security research and development and highlight new
 results in the area of hardware security has opened the call for

The 14th annual HOST will be held 5-8 December 2021 in Washington DC,
USA. HOST 2021 invites original contributions in all areas of overlap
between hardware and security. This includes but is not limited to the

   - Security primitives
   - Computer-aided design (CAD) tools
   - Emerging and nanoscale devices
   - Trojans and backdoors
   - Side-channel attacks and mitigation
   - Fault injection and mitigation
   - (Anti-)Reverse engineering and physical attacks
   - Anti-tamper
   - Anti-counterfeit
   - Hardware Obfuscation

   - Trusted execution environments
   - Cache-side channel attacks and mitigation
   - Privacy-preserving computation
   - System-on-chip (SoC)/platform security
   - FPGA and reconfigurable fabric security
   - Cloud computing
   - Smart phones and smart devices

   - Internet-of-things (IoT) security
   - Sensors and sensor network security
   - Smart grid security
   - Automotive/autonomous vehicle security
   - Cyber-physical system security
   - (Adversarial) Machine learning and cyber deception
   - Security and trust for future pandemics
   - Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Paper Submission

   - The page limit is *10 pages *(excluding the references), double
   column, IEEE format
   with a minimum font size of 11 pt. The submission page will be provided

   - Only work that has not been previously published at the time of the
   conference will be considered. Duplicate submissions to concurrent
   conferences/journals are not permissible, and if encountered will be
   rejected and reported to IEEE.

   - The paper selection will involve a double-blind review and
     rebuttal process
   the identity of authors must not be revealed, directly or indirectly,
   over the course of the entire process.

   - Additional guidance for HOST reviewers on preprint, double-blind,
   multiple-submissions and related IEEE policy can be found on the HOST
   Publication Policies

Important Days
We will have one Paper Submission Deadline:
Paper Deadline

   - Abstract Submission: March 25, 2021
   - Full Paper Submission: April 1, 2021
   - Rebuttal: May 07-17, 2021
   - Notification of Acceptance: May 27, 2021
   - Camera-ready: July 15, 2021

Tutorial Deadline

   - Tutorial Proposal Submission: May 18, 2021
   - Tutorial Notification of Acceptance: June 15, 2021 

Hardware Demo

   - Hardware Demo Proposal Submission: June 2, 2021
   - Hardware Demo Notification of Acceptance: June 29, 2021