Conference: IEEE International Symposium on HARDWARE-ORIENTED SECURITY and
TRUST (HOST), 2013

Date being held: June 2-3, 2013
Submission Deadline: Dec 10, 2012
Place: Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX, USA
Conference website:

Concise Text version for the CFP:

Pervasive computing is now penetrating a wider range of domains and
applications, including many safety-critical cyber-physical systems
that we increasingly depend on.  Trusted hardware platforms make up
the backbone for successful deployment and operation of these
systems. However, recent advances in tampering and reverse engineering
show that important challenges in guaranteeing the trust of these
components await us. For example, malicious alterations inserted into
electronic designs can allow for backdoors into the
system. Furthermore, new forms of attacks that exploit side-channel
signals are being developed. Third, intellectual-property protection
is becoming a major concern in the globalized, horizontal
semiconductor business model.

HOST 2013 is a forum for novel solutions to address these challenges.
Innovative test mechanisms may reveal Trojans in a design before they
are able to do harm.  Implementation attacks may be thwarted using
side-channel resistant design or faulttolerant designs. New
security-aware design tools can assist a designer in implementing
critical and trusted functionality, quickly and efficiently.

The IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and
Trust seeks original contributions in the area of hardware-oriented
security. This includes tools, design methods, architectures,
circuits, and novel applications of secure hardware.  HOST 2013 seeks
contributions based on, but not limited to, the following topics.

- Counterfeit detection and avoidance
- Cyber-physical security and trust
- Trojan detection and isolation
- Implementation attacks and countermeasures
- Side channel analysis and fault analysis
- Intellectual property protection and metering
- Hardware architectures for cryptography
- Hardware security primitives: PUFs and TRNGs
- Reliability-security optimization and tradeoffs
- Applications of secure hardware
- Tools and methodologies for secure hardware design

For students:
- Best paper award for a paper whose first author is a full-time student at
  the submission time.
- Best presentation award for a speaker who is a full-time student at the
  presentation time.
- Travel grants for undergraduate and graduate students