HOST-2009 IEEE International Symposium on Hardware-Oriented Security  
and Trust, Anaheim, California, USA, June 13-14, 2010. (Submissions  
due 19 March 2010) HOST covers security and trust issues in all types  
of electronic devices and systems such as ASICs, COTS, FPGAs,  
microprocessors/DSPs, and embedded systems. The mission of HOST is to  
provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of research that  
is of critical significance to the security of, and trust in, modern  
society's microelectronic-supported infrastructures.

HOST provides an open forum for discussions on all issues related to  
hardware security and trust. Papers and presentations that address any  
of the following "hot topics" are of high interest to the symposium.  
Papers addressing HOST issues outside of these areas will be  
considered equally relevant in the review process:
- Trojan Detection and Isolation
- Authenticating Foundry of Origin
- Side Channel Analysis/Attacks
- Watermarking
- FPGA Design Security
- Hardware focused Cryptography
- IC Metering
- Physical Unclonable Functions
- Embedded and Distributed Systems Security
- Hardware Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- Security Engineering
- Scan chain Encryption

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