UPDATE: Please note the deadline extension to October 11, 2015
(11:59pm, UTC-11), based on numerous requests.


The 20th International Conference on 
Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC)

Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, Barbados - February 22-26, 2016

FC 2016 is the 20th FC conference. A special anniversary program with invited
speakers is planned in addition to the technical paper program. 

Financial Cryptography and Data Security is a major international
forum for research, advanced development, education, exploration, and
debate regarding information assurance, with a specific focus on
financial, economic and commercial transaction security. Original
works focusing on securing commercial transactions and systems are
solicited; fundamental as well as applied real-world deployments on
all aspects surrounding commerce security are of interest. Submissions
need not be exclusively concerned with cryptography. Systems security,
economic or behavioral perspectives, and interdisciplinary efforts are
particularly encouraged.


Access Control
Anonymity and Privacy
Applied Cryptography
Auctions and Mechanisms
Authentication and Identification
Behavioral Aspects of Security and Privacy
Certification and Audits
Cloud Computing and Data Outsourcing Security
Commercial Cryptographic Applications
Contactless Payment and Ticketing Systems
Cryptographic Currencies
Digital Cash and Payment Systems
Digital Rights Management
Economics of Security and Privacy
Electronic Commerce Security
Electronic Crime and Underground Markets
Fraud Detection and Forensics
Game Theory for Security and Privacy
Identity Theft
Insider Threats
Legal and Regulatory Issues
Microfinance and Micropayments
Mobile Systems Security and Privacy 
Phishing and Social Engineering
Reputation Systems
Risk Assessment and Management
Secure Banking and Financial Services
Smart Contracts and Financial Instruments
Smartcards, Secure Tokens and Secure Hardware
Social Networks Security and Privacy
Trust Management
Usability and Security
Virtual Goods and Virtual Economies
Voting Systems
Web Security
Other related topics

Submissions are sought in the categories of full regular papers, short 
papers, panel proposals, and posters. Formatting and submission instructions
are available on the conference website.

FC 2016 will also host the following workshops:

BITCOIN'16: 3rd Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research
VOTING'16: 1st Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting Schemes
WAHC'16: 4th Workshop on Encrypted Computing and Applied Homomorphic


Paper submission - October 11, 2015 (Extended)
Workshop Paper Deadlines - TBD 
Poster and panel submission - December 4, 2015 

Submissions are accepted until 11:59pm, UTC-11.


Awards will be presented for the best overall paper, and outstanding
paper(s) that address challenges in financial cryptography, and
financial systems. Further, we are pleased to announce the
availability of enhanced financial support for students.




Rafael Hirschfeld 


Sven Dietrich
Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi 


Jens Grossklags - The Pennsylvania State University
Bart Preneel - KU Leuven


Masayuki Abe - NTT Laboratories
Alessandro Acquisti - Carnegie Mellon University
Ross Anderson - Cambridge University
Elli Androulaki- IBM Research Zurich
N. Asokan - Aalto University
Paulo Barreto - University of Sao Paulo
Steven Bellovin - Columbia University
Daniel Bernstein - University of Illinois at Chicago
Rainer Boehme - University of Innsbruck
Alvaro Cardenas - University of Texas at Dallas
George Danezis - University College London
Serge Egelman - UC Berkeley
Seda Gürses - New York University
Thorsten Holz - Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
Trent Jaeger - The Pennsylvania State University
Markus Jakobsson - Qualcomm
Benjamin Johnson - Carnegie Mellon University
Florian	Kerschbaum - SAP
Aggelos	Kiayias - National and Kapodistrian U. Athens
Bart Knijnenburg - Clemson University
Aron Laszka - UC Berkeley
Anja Lehmann - IBM Research Zurich
Arjen Lenstra - EPFL
Patrick	Loiseau - EURECOM
Catherine Meadows - Naval Research Laboratory 
Tyler Moore - University of Tulsa	
Steven	Murdoch - University College London
Tatsuaki Okamoto - NTT Laboratories
Kenneth Paterson - Royal Holloway, University of London
Roberto Perdisci - University of Georgia
Avi Rubin - Johns Hopkins University
Ahmad Sadeghi - TU Darmstadt
Rei Safavi-Naini - University of Calgary
Nigel Smart - University of Bristol
Jessica	Staddon- Google
Carmela	Troncoso - Gradiant
Nicholas Weaver - International Computer Science Institute
Xinyu Xing - The Pennsylvania State University
Moti Yung - Google & Columbia University