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                         International Conference on
            Emerging Trends in Information and Communication Security
    ||__^_  /\                  ETRICS 2006
_/\_|     \_||______________________________________________________________
                      June 6-9, 2006, FREIBURG, GERMANY
       ETRICS is a part of the Scientific Year 2006 “Informatikjahr”

Considering the progress of IT technologies, security is still one of the most vibrant and developing areas in computer science. Protecting information and services from malicious use is essential for their deployment and acceptance. While the main protection goals denoting confidentiality, integrity and availability are of a general nature, their relevance, realization and enforcement vary depending upon the underlying architectures, technologies and applications.
Tomorrows information systems will accommodate highly dynamic applications and build infrastructures with lots of mobile, autonomic nodes and ad hoc, structureless relationships between them. Human interaction assumes new forms and has to be pre-planned and expressed by means of rules that are part of security policies. To enforce security rules, not only context data, but also personal data is needed. In highly dynamic systems, security and privacy become mutually exclusive.
ETRICS solicits research contributions focusing on emerging trends in security and privacy.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM | http://www.etrics.org/program.php

  - SOA and Security        - Intrusion Detection
  - Vulnerability Analysis  - Security Policies
  - Security Engineering    - Cryptography
  - Secure Mobility         - Trusted Computing
  - Security Protocols      - Privacy

 KEYNOTE SPEAKERS | http://www.etrics.org/keynotes.php
  - By renowned industry and research leaders

 Best Practice Security Solutions | http://www.etrics.org/applications.php
  - What can you learn from industry?

 Exhibition | http://www.etrics.org/exhibition.php
  - Open everyday for ETRICS attendees and public

 Scientific Year 2006 “Informatikjahr”
  - Thursday, June 8 - for ETRICS attendees and public

 WORKSHOPS | http://www.etrics.org/workshops

  - Long-lasting Security / Are there mechanisms?
    (A. Schmidt/ M. Kreutzer)
  - Security in Autonomous Systems / Is privacy mutually exclusive to security?
    (J. Peters/ R. Accorsi)
  - Privacy and Personalized Services / Is this a paradox?
    (S. Sackmann/ S. Spiekermann)
  - UC and RFID today - Breakthrough or still on hold?
    (J. Strüker/ C. Flörkemeier)

 TUTORIALS | will take place on Monday, 5th June 2006

  - Economics of Security and Privacy (S.Sackmann)
  - Protection of Communication Infrastructures (G. Schäfer)
  - Cryptography and Security (W. Geiselmann)
  - Modelling and Analysis of Information Security (H. Mantel)

 - Günter Müller, U of Freiburg, Germany (Chair)
 - Gerhard Schneider, U of Freiburg, Germany (Co-Chair)

 - ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC)
 - IEEE Computer Society
 - DFG (German Research Foundation)
 - GI (German Society for Computer Science)

 - DaimlerChrysler   - Deutsche Bank
 - Deutsche Telekom  - DoCoMo Euro-Labs
 - Endress+Hauser    - Novartis
 - Siemens           - SAP


 Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg, Telematics
 Friedrichstr. 50 - D-79098 Freiburg, Germany
 E-mail: info@etrics.org
 Web: http://www.etrics.org