ECRYPT Workshop on Hash Functions, June 23-24 2005, Krakow, Poland

Program Committee: 
Hans Dobbertin (Chair), Eli Biham, Nicolas T. Courtois, Josef Pieprzyk, 
Bart Preneel, Matt Robshaw, Jerzy Urbanowicz, Aleksander Wittlin

Invited speakers
Xiaoyun Wang, Eli Biham, Hans Dobbertin, Bart Preneel. 

Call for papers

The Hash Function Workshop, organized as one of the activities of the
European Network of Excellence in Cryptology ECRYPT, will be devoted
to recent developments in the hash functions research.  As a workshop
and forum for the exchange of ideas and proposals, active
participation is encouraged. We expect to have both, invited talks and
contributed talks. Attendees are invited to submit papers on all
aspects of hash function analysis and deployment including, but not
limited to the following:

- hash function design and analysis, 
- the state, and likely evolution, of current hash function
  cryptanalytic research,
- the state of SHA-1 and implications for SHA-n (for n > 1) and RIPEMD-160, 
- hash function deployment (such as for MAC constructions and public
  key infrastructures).

We also encourage submissions that question or comment upon: 

- the need for alternative hash functions, 
- implications of recent attacks, in particular estimations of risks where 
  a hash function is used as a component in a cryptographic scheme, and 
  the requirements of industry. 

All submission should be send either to the following e-mail address:, or by fax (+48 22 622 5750), no later than on May 1, 2005. 
Please make a note at the first fax page: "Hash Functions, Krakow". 
The list of accepted contributions will be announced on May 25 at this page, 
and during the rump session on Eurocrypt 2005. We do not plan any proceedings, 
therefore contributions intended to be published elsewhere will be also accepted. 

The Workshop will take place in Krako'w-Przegorza'y, at the Conference
Center of the Jagiellonian University. It will be hosted by the
Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The
Workshop will start on Wednesday evening with welcome cocktail at the
Center; Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24 will be devoted to

Important deadlines: 
Contributed presentation submission deadline  May 1, 2005 
Program of contributed presentations
(will be announced during Rump Session of Eurocrypt 2005) May 25, 2005 
Registration (early) and room reservation deadline May 31, 2005 
Workshop June 23 - 24, 2005