The 1st International Workshop on Dependable and Secure Services 
Computing (DSSC 2008) (December 9-12, 2008, Yilan, Taiwan, submission 
due 15 July 2008) is held in conjunction with IEEE APSCC 2008. 
Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) is an emerging paradigm that puts 
Technology, Business, and People altogether. Since SOC is reshaping the 
modern business model and services industry, security and dependability 
are becoming crucial issues. The prime goal of DSSC lies in associating 
Services Computing with higher level of dependability and security. More 
specifically, we aim to provide a platform for researchers in the 
dependability and security communities to interact with researchers in 
the SOC community, so that efficacious cross pollination of ideas could 
occur between these areas. We encourage submissions from both industry 
and academia.

The topics of interest of ISC include, but are not limited to, the

System and Service Dependability
  - Architectural and Operating System Support for Services
  - Self-Reconfiguration Systems for Services Computing
  - Architectural and System-Level Synthesis
  - System Dependability Modeling and Prediction
  - Scalable Techniques for Providing High Availability and
  - Verification and Validation Methodology for Services
  - Time-Critical Services
  - Safety-Critical Services
  - Resource Management for Services Computing
  - Automated Failure Management
  - Middleware for Services Computing

Security Issues and Concerns
  - Service Authentication
  - Service Authorization
  - Privacy And Anonymity in Services Computing
  - Intrusion Detection in Services Computing
  - Specification And Querying of Security Constraints
  - Cryptographic Protocols for Services Computing
  - Role Based Access Control for Services Computing
  - Identity Assertion and Service Auditing
  - Services and XML Based Security Standards
  - Access Control for Services Computing
  - Formal Methods for Security Deployment
  - Secure Service Deployment
  - Credential and Role Mapping for Services Computing

Quality of Service
  - Performance Analysis, Evaluation, and Prediction
  - Benchmarking of Management Technologies
  - Service Auditing
  - Service Resource Provisioning
  - QoS Negotiation and Cost of Services (CoS)
  - Empirical Studies and Benchmarking of QoS
  - Autonomic Management of Service Levels
  - Monitoring for (Composed) Services
  - Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  - Validation of Service and Quality Claims
  - SLA and Policy Specification and Enactment
  - QoS-Aware Selection Model for Semantic Web Services
  - Real-Time Supply Chain Integration

Applications of Dependable and Secure Services
  - E-Commerce Dependability
  - Firewall Technologies
  - Open/Dynamic Grid Service Architectures
  - Grid Service Deployment and Service Registries
  - Grid Computing and Services On-Demand
  - Peer-to-Peer Virtual Repository
  - Mobile, Ad-Hoc, and Peer-To-Peer Services
  - Secure Web Services

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