D-SPAN 2011
 2nd International Workshop on Data Security and PrivAcy in wireless
			  Networks (D-SPAN)
		   In conjunction with WoWMoM 2011
		  Monday, June 20, 2011,Lucca, Italy
	   (Submissions through edas due February 4, 2011)

      Workshop website: http://home.gwu.edu/~nzhang10/DSPAN2011/


D-SPAN 2011, the Second International Workshop on Data Security and
PrivAcy in wireless Networks (D-SPAN), is focused on defining new
problems and developing novel techniques for data security and privacy
issues in wireless and mobile networks. With the emergence of
data-intensive wireless networks such as wireless sensor networks and
data-centric mobile applications such as location-based services, the
traditional boundaries between these three disciplines are
blurring. This workshop solicits papers from two main categories: (1)
papers that consider the security and privacy of data collection,
transmission, storage, publishing, and sharing in wireless networks
broadly defined, e.g., MANET, cellular, vehicular, ad hoc, cognitive,
as well as sensor networks, and (2) papers that use data analytics
techniques to address security and privacy problems in wireless

 The workshop provides a venue for researchers to present new ideas
 with impact on three communities: wireless networks, databases, and
 security. All accepted papers will appear in the conference
 proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.


The list of topics includes, but not limited to,

* Foundations in wireless security & privacy (game theory, information
  theory, belief models, etc)
* Location privacy in wireless networks
* Secure data collection and aggregation for wireless sensor networks
* Secure data collection in body-area networks
* Secure data processing in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET)
* Secure query processing over wireless sensor networks
* Security and privacy of RFID systems
* Security and privacy for data streaming
* Security for cognitive radio networks
* Tradeoffs between Security and Communication Performance

--- Organization ---

General Co-Chairs:

Sajal K. Das, The University of Texas at Arlington and 
  National Science Foundation
Refik Molva, EURECOM, France

Program Co-Chairs:

Guevara Noubir, Northeastern University
Gene Tsudik, University of California, Irvine
Nan Zhang, The George Washington University

Program Committee:
Tansu Alpcan        Technical University Berlin                     
Arati Baliga            AT&T Chief Security Office             
Michel Barbeau            Carleton University            
Levente Buttyan            Budapest University of Technology and Economics                     
Claude Castelluccia INRIA             
Xiuzhen Cheng       George Washington University                     
Mooi Choo Chuah     Lehigh University                     
Reza Curtmola       New Jersey Institute of Technology                     
Sajal Das           The University of Texas at Arlington                     
Roberto Di Pietro   Università di Roma Tre                     
Wenliang Du         Syracuse University                     
Yuguang Fang        University of Florida                     
Xinwen Fu           University of Massachusetts Lowell                     
Loukas Lazos        University of Arizona                     
Heejo Lee           Korea University             
Donggang Liu        University of Texas at Arlington                     
Wenjing Lou         Worcester Polytechnic Institute                     
Catherine Meadows   Naval Research Laboratory                     
Guevara Noubir      Northeastern University             
Radha Poovendran    University of Washington             
Gene Tsudik         University of CA, Irvine             
Matthew Wright      University of Texas at Arlington                     
Wei Yu              Towson University             
Nan Zhang           The George Washington University                     
Sencun Zhu          The Pennsylvania State University