ACM-DRM 2007
The Seventh ACM Digital Rights Management Workshop

Submission Deadline: June 18, 2007
Workshop Date: October 29, 2007

Call For Papers

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an interdisciplinary field  
intersecting with many different areas including cryptography,  
software and computer systems design, information and signal  
processing, law, policy-making, as well as business analysis and  
economics. Currently human intellectual product is predominantly  
produced in digital form and as a result the DRM problem ought to be  
viewed in the broader sense that spans the full spectrum of human  
productivity rather than a narrow perspective that applies it to  
music or videos. ACM-DRM is an international workshop that looks at  
the DRM problem in its broadest possible interpretation and aims to  
bring together scientists and scholars from all the related  
disciplines for an exchange of ideas and presentation of cutting edge  
results related to digital content distribution.

Researchers are invited to submit papers electronically by June 18,  
2007. Submitted papers will be rigorously refereed by the program  
committee; those accepted for presentation will be published in an  
archival proceedings volume by ACM Press that will be distributed at  
the time of the workshop. Topics of interest include but are not  
limited to:

* anonymous publishing, privacy and DRM.
* architectures for DRM systems.
* business models for online content distribution. risk management.
* copyright-law issues, including but not limited to fair use.
* digital goods and online multiplayer games.
* digital policy management.
* implementations and case studies.
* information theory and combinatorics, including marking assumptions  
and related codes.
* robust identification of digital content.
* security issues, including authorization, encryption, tamper  
resistance, watermarking, and fingerprinting.
* supporting cryptographic technology including but not limited to  
traitor tracing, broadcast encryption, obfuscation.
* threat and vulnerability assessment.
* trusted computing, attestation, hardware support for DRM, side- 
channel attacks.
* usability aspects of DRM systems.
* web services related to DRM systems.

The ACM-DRM 2007 workshop is the seventh in the series of the annual  
DRM workshops. The first workshop took place in 2001 and  the success  
of the subsequent events established ACM-DRM as a
prime venue in the area of digital content distribution technologies.  
DRM 2007 is sponsored by the ACM SIGSAC and Microsoft and is held in  
conjunction with the 14th ACM Conference on Computer and  
Communications Security.

Program Committee
N. Asokan (Nokia)
Mikhail J. Atallah (Purdue U.)
Stefan Bechtold (Max-Planck)
Ee-Chien Chang (National U. of Singapore)
Jung Hee Cheon (Seoul National U.)
Yvo Desmedt (UC London)
Nelly Fazio (IBM Almaden)
Juan Garay (Bell Labs)
Natali Helberger (U. of Amsterdam)
Stanislaw Jarecki (UC Davis)
Ton Kalker (HP)
Stefan Katzenbeisser (Phillips Research)
Nasir Memon (Polytechnic U.)
Benny Pinkas (U. Haifa)
Reihaneh Safavi-Naini (U. Calgary)
Radu Sion (Stony Brook U.)
Pim Tuyls (Phillips Research)
Ozlem Uzuner (SUNY Albany)
Brent Waters (SRI)

Program Chairs
Aggelos Kiayias (U. Connecticut)
Ahmad Reza-Sadeghi (Ruhr U. Bochum)

General Chair
Moti Yung (RSA and Columbia U.)