DMSEC'03 - Workshop on Data Mining for Computer Security
                           (at IEEE ICDM03)


                          November 19, 2003

                       Melbourne, Florida, USA

Computer security is a broad field that encompasses issues both
theoretical and practical aspects. It is of incredible importance to a
wide variety of practical domains ranging from the banking industry to
multi-national corporations, from space exploration to the
intelligence community and so on. Of interest to this workshop are
methods that address two aspects of computer security. The first
relates to how computers can be used to secure the information
contained within an organizations. Issues of critical importance here
could include the detection and/or prevention of unauthorized access
or attacks on computers and networks local to an organization or
entity.  The second relates to how computers can be used to detect
hostile activity (surveillance) in a sensitive area (such as in an
airport).  It is likely that such techniques will require data mining
techniques that work hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art computer
vision techniques.


   * Paper Submissions due: August 22, 2003 by 8AM EST.
   * Notification to authors: September 30, 2003.
   * Final papers due:  October 15, 2003.
   * Workshop Date:  Nov. 19 2003.


   * Philip Chan, Florida Tech
   * Vipin Kumar, U. of Minnesota
   * Wenke Lee, Georgia Tech
   * Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Ohio State U.

Program Committee:

   * Daniel Barbara, GMU
   * Philip Chan, Florida Tech
   * Eleazar Eskin, Hebrew U
   * Wei Fan, IBM Watson
   * Anup Ghosh, DARPA
   * Sushil Jajodia, GMU
   * Vipin Kumar, U. Minnesota
   * Terran Lane, U. New Mexico
   * Aleksandar Lazarevic, U. Minnesota
   * Wenke Lee, Georgia Tech
   * Richard Lippmann, MIT Lincoln Lab
   * Matthew Mahoney, Florida Tech
   * Roy Maxion, CMU
   * Chris Michael, Cigital
   * Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Ohio State U
   * Rama Sekar, Stony Brook U
   * Jaideep Srivastava, U. Minnesota
   * Salvatore Stolfo, Columbia U
   * Kymie Tan, CMU
   * Alfonso Valdes, SRI


For more details on paper submission and other information, please
visit the workshop webpage at: