DIMVA 2008 (http://www.dimva.org/dimva2008/) Fifth Conference on  
Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment DIMVA  
2008, Paris, France, July 10-11, 2008. (Submissions due February 4,  

The annual DIMVA conference serves as a premier forum for advancing  
the state of the art in intrusion detection, malware detection, and  
vulnerability assessment. Each year DIMVA brings together  
international experts from academia, industry and government to  
present and discuss novel research in these areas. DIMVA is organized  
by the special interest group Security - Intrusion Detection and  
Response of the German Informatics Society (GI). The conference  
proceedings will appear in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer  
Science (LNCS) series.

DIMVA's scope includes, but is not restricted to the following areas:
      * Intrusion Detection
           + Approaches
           + Implementations
           + Prevention and response
           + Result correlation
           + Evaluation
           + Potentials and limitations
           + Operational experiences
           + Evasion and other attacks
           + Legal and social aspects
      * Malware
           + Techniques
           + Detection
           + Prevention and containment
           + Evaluation
           + Trends and upcoming risks
           + Forensics and recovery
      * Vulnerability Assessment
           + Vulnerabilities
           + Vulnerability detection
           + Vulnerability prevention
           + Classification and evaluation

DIMVA particularly encourages papers that discuss the integration of  
intrusion, malware, and vulnerability detection in large-scale  
operational communication networks.
For more information - see http://www.dimva.org/dimva2008/