DFRWS 2008: 8th Annual Digital Forensic Research Workshop.
Baltimore, MD. August 11-13, 2008. (Submissions due March 17, 2008).

  DFRWS brings together leading researchers, developers,  
practitioners, and educators interested in advancing the state of the  
art in digital forensics from around the world. As the most  
established venue in the field, DFRWS is the preferred place to  
present both cutting-edge research and perspectives on best practices  
for all aspects of digital forensics. As an independent organization,  
we promote open community discussions and disseminate the results of  
our work to the widest audience.

We invite original contributions as research papers, panel proposals,  
Work-in-Progress talks, and demo proposals. All papers are evaluated  
through a double-blind peer-review process, and those accepted will  
be published in printed proceedings by Elsevier.

Topics of Interest

     * Incident response and live analysis
     * Network-based forensics, including network traffic analysis,  
traceback and attribution
     * Event reconstruction methods and tools
     * File system and memory analysis
     * Application analysis
     * Embedded systems
     * Small scale and mobile devices
     * Large-scale investigations
     * Digital evidence storage and preservation
     * Data mining and information discovery
     * Data hiding and recovery
     * File extraction from data blocks (“file carving”)
     * Multimedia analysis
     * Tool testing and development
     * Digital evidence and the law
     * Anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics
     * Case studies and trend reports
     * Non-traditional approaches to forensic analysis

The above list is only suggestive. We welcome new, original ideas  
from people in academia, industry, government, and law enforcement  
who are interested in sharing their results, knowledge, and  
experience. Authors are encouraged to demonstrate the applicability  
of their work to practical issues.  Questions about submission topics  
can be sent via email to: dfrws2008  dfrws  org

For more information: http://www.dfrws.org/2008/