DATE 2012
Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference, Dresden, Germany,
March 12-16, 2012. (Submission due 11 September 2011)

The 15th DATE conference and exhibition is the main European event
bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers
and vendors, as well as specialists in the hardware and software
design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems.
DATE 2012 will have a track on Application Design of Secure
Systems (Topic A5). 

Topic A5: Secure systems need a combination of hardware,
software and embedded techniques to succeed. Indeed, the weakest link
in the security chain determines the overall system security. This
topic therefore invites papers on novel technologies and experiences
for specific security problems as well as overall design integration
methods for secure systems-on-chip and embedded systems. Topics of
interest are situated at all design abstraction levels and include
novel techniques and architectures for embedded cryptography;
modeling, characterization, simulation and associated countermeasures
for side-channel, fault and other physical attacks; random numbers
generation, embedded secure processors and co-processors, trusted
computing, off-chip memories and network-on-chip enciphering and
integrity checking, trust establishment and attestation;
implementation of security applications; hardware enabled security,
including physically unclonable functions, and more.  

Detailed descriptions of all other topics and submission information
are found on the conference web page: