CPS-SPC 2015.  Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Privacy Workshop. 
Denver, Colorado, USA, 
October 16, 2015.  
(Submissions Due June 12, 2015).

We invite original research papers on the security and/or privacy of
cyber-physical systems. We seek submissions from multiple
interdisciplinary backgrounds representative of CPS, including but not
limited to the following:

. intrusion detection for CPS;
. privacy in CPS;
. network security for CPS;
. control theory and mathematical foundations for secure CPS;
. embedded systems and IoT security and privacy;
. real-time systems;
. game theory applied to CPS;
. human factors and humans in the loop;
. reliability and safety; and
. economics of security and privacy in CPS.

CPS domains of interest include
. manufacturing;
. industrial control systems;
. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems;
. power grid and smart grid;
. robotics;
. unmanned aerial vehicles;
. transportation systems;
. healthcare and medical devices;
. automotive; and
. abstract theoretical CPS domains that involve sensing and actuation.