COSADE 2012 

Third International Workshop on 
Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design

Darmstadt, Germany, May 03-04, 2012
Side-channel analysis (SCA) and implementation attacks have become an
important field of research at universities and in the industry. In
order to enhance the resistance of cryptographic and security critical
implementations within the design phase, constructive attacks and
analyzing techniques may serve as a quality metric to optimize the
design- and development process. This workshop provides an
international platform for researchers, academics, and industry
participants to present their work and their current research
topics. It is an excellent opportunity to meet experts and to initiate
new collaborations and information exchange at a professional
level. The workshop will feature both invited presentations and
contributed talks.

The topics of COSADE 2011 include, but are not limited to:

Side-Channel Analysis and Implementation Attacks:

* Constructive side-channel analysis and implementation attacks in general
* Profiled and non-profiled methods for constructive side-channel analysis
* Non-invasive, semi-Invasive and invasive implementation attacks
* Power attacks and electromagnetic analysis
* Advanced stochastic methods in SCA, especially in power- and
  electromagnetic analysis
* Stochastic approach in power analysis
* Leakage models and security models for side-channel analysis in the
  presence and absence of countermeasures
* Advanced methods for Differential Power Analysis and Mutual
  Information Analysis
* Algebraic side-channel analysis and combination of implementation
  attacks with algebraic cryptanalysis
* Side-channel analysis under black-box assumptions
* Side-channel analysis and implementation attacks on cyber physical
  systems and embedded devices
* Timing-analysis, cache-attacks and micro-architectural analysis
* Decapsulation and preparation techniques 
* Side-channel based reverse engineering
* Side-channel analysis in cloud and virtualization contexts

Cryptographic Engineering, Secure Design and Side-channel Evaluation:

* Cryptographic engineering and secure design methods in general
* Leakage resilience, tamper resistance and fault tolerance by design
* Interaction between side-channel analysis and secure design
* Evaluation methodologies for side-channel resistant designs,
  acquisition and analysis
* Advanced techniques for physical side-channel measurement,
  side-channel acquisition and preprocessing
* Verification methods for side-channel analysis and fault analysis
* Side-channel aware and tamper-resistant design criteria and design techniques
* Countermeasures against implementation attacks at algorithmic-,
  logic-, register transfer- and physical level
* Secure designs and countermeasures for FPGAs, HW/SW
  Codesign-architectures and SoC
* Fault injection and fault tolerance tools for reconfigurable hardware and SoC
* Evaluation platforms and tools for testing of side-channel characteristics
* New and emerging methods and applications for constructive side
  channel analysis and secure design


Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers with max. 15
pages. The manuscripts must follow the LNCS default author
instructions at URL
All manuscripts must be submitted electronically at following the

Workshop Proceedings:

The proceedings will be published in the Springer CCIS or LNCS series
(final confirmation pending). In order to be included in the
proceedings, the authors of accepted papers must guarantee that their
paper will be presented at the conference. In addition, the Journal of
Cryptographic Engineering will be publishing selected papers.

Work in Progress Session:

COSADE 2012 also comprises a special session "Work in progress" (WiP
session). The WiP session will be dedicated to new, on-going research
in constructive side channel analysis and secure design. Applicants
should submit extended abstracts (4-6 pages) by March 13, 2012. The
manuscript should also follow the LNCS default author instructions.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline:         	December 12, 2011
Notification to authors:	February 14, 2012
Final version due:	      	February 28, 2012
Submission deadline "WiP":     	March 13, 2012
Notification to authors "WiP": 	April 1, 2012 
COSADE 2012 workshop: 	     	May 03-04, 2012


Darmstadtium – science & congress center  
Schlossgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt

General Chair and Program Chair:

Werner Schindler (co-chair)
Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI), Germany

Sorin A. Huss (co-chair)
Integrated Circuits and Systems Labs (ISS)
TU Darmstadt, Germany

Program Committee:

Onur Aciiçmez, Samsung Electronics, USA
Guido Bertoni, ST Microelectronics, Italy
Stanislav Bulygin, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Ray Cheung, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Jean-Luc Danger, Telecom ParisTech, France
Markus Dichtl, Siemens AG, Germany
Viktor Fischer, Université de Saint-Etienne, France
Tim Güneysu, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Ernst-Günter Giessmann, T-Systems GmbH, Germany
Naofumi Homma, Tohoku University, Japan
Marc Joye, Technicolor, France
Jens-Peter Kaps, George Mason University, USA
Çetin Kaya Koç, UCSB, USA & Istanbul Sehir University
Arjen Lenstra, EPFL, Switzerland
Pierre-Yvan Liardet, ST Microelectronics, France
Stefan Mangard, Infineon Technlogies AG, Germany
Sandra Marcello, Thales, France
David Naccache, ENS Paris, France
Elisabeth Oswald, Universitiy of Bristol, UK
Emmanuel Prouff, Oberthur, France
Anand Rajan, Intel Corporation, USA
Steffen Reith, Hochschule RheinMain, Germany
Akashi Satoh, RCIS, Japan
Patrick Schaumont, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
Abdulhadi Shoufan, Khalifa University in Abu-Dhabi, UAE
Sergei Skorobogatov, University of Cambridge, UK
Georg Sigl, TU München, Germany
Francois-Xavier Standaert, UC Louvain, Belgium
Lionel Torres, University Montpellier, France
Ingrid Verbauwhede, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Marc Witteman, Riscure, Netherlands 
Michael Waidner, Fraunhofer SIT, Germany

Local Organisation:

Michael Kasper, Fraunhofer SIT, Germany
Marc Stöttinger, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Annelie Heuser, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Michael Zohner, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Further Information:

For more information about the COSADE 2012 workshop please visit our
website at or alternatively send an email
with your request to: