First ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy 
   (ACM CODASPY 2011)

Conference date:
February 21-23, 2011

Conference venue:
San Antonio, TX, USA

Paper submissions deadline:
15 September 2010

Concise call for Papers:

Data and the applications that manipulate data are the crucial assets
in today's information age. With the increasing drive towards
availability of data and services anytime anywhere, security and
privacy risks have increased. New applications such as social
networking and social computing provide value by aggregating input
from numerous individual users and/or the mobile devices they carry
with them and computing new information of value to society and
individuals. Data and applications security and privacy has rapidly
expanded as a research field with many important challenges to be
addressed. The goal of the conference is to discuss novel exciting
research topics in data and application security and privacy and to
lay out directions for further research and development in this
area. The conference seeks submissions from diverse communities,
including corporate and academic researchers, open-source projects,
standardization bodies, governments, system and security
administrators, software engineers and application domain experts.

Conference website: