Workshop on Cryptography for Emerging Technologies and Applications

NIST Campus in Gaithersburg, MD
7-8 November 2011

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is hosting a
workshop on Cryptography for Emerging Technologies and Applications
that is intended to identify the cryptographic requirements for
emerging technologies and applications.

The workshop provides an opportunity for industry, research and
academia communities, and government sectors, to identify
cryptographic challenges encountered in their development of emerging
technologies and applications, and to learn about NIST's current
cryptographic research, activities, programs and standards

In preparation for the workshop, NIST calls for the submission of
abstracts that identify cryptographic challenges identified during the
research and development of emerging technologies and
applications. Submitted abstracts will be posted on
before the workshop, and the authors of selected abstracts will be
invited to present their work during the workshop. The deadline for
abstract submission is September 26, 2011 at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight
Saving Time. The abstracts should be sent to:,
indicating in the subject line: "CETA Workshop Abstract
Submission". The submission should clearly identify the emerging
technology space (e.g., "Internet of Things"), the class of
cryptographic requirements (e.g. Stream ciphers), the title of the
abstract, and the author(s). The abstract's body should contain no
more than 300 words.

Examples of emerging or evolving technology spaces include:
- Sensor and building networks
- Mobile devices
- Smart Objects/Internet of Things, and
- Cyber physical systems.

Examples of cryptographic requirements for emerging sectors might
include performance or resource issues, cryptographic services (such
as anonymous or group signatures), or key management challenges.

Authors are welcome to identify, through their submissions, other
areas of cryptography for emerging technologies and applications that
are not listed above.

Location: NIST Campus, 100 Bureau Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Date: 7 and 8 November, 2011
Registration fee: $155.00

Additional information about the workshop and submission of abstracts
can be found at: .